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I would cut down to a much cheaper cooler. I have the Hyper 212+, and the Hyper 212 Evo is even better. It has great performance for the price. Of course, if you buy the really expensive Noctua coolers, they are a bit better. Then again, they are like 2-3 times more expensive for a couple degrees.

Cut out some of the fans. They are sexy, ya, but so many start to get expensive. Plus, your case doesn't have a window anyway.

And.... I know SSDs are sexy, but 64 gb of storage is just not enough. Unless you have a hard drive lying around, then probably get a traditional hard drive. Right now, just get like a $500 gb version and wait for the prices to come back down to pre-flood levels.

You can get a 2500k for $200 instead of $230 if you get it here.
*On a side note, why have the 2500k processors rose in price? Seems strange that Newegg will take prices from $220 where they have been for a while and raise them $10 for no reason.

Oh, and like some people said, get a better video card. Get more faster ram, as it is only $5 more. On the ram, you don't need anything with any sort of heat spreaders. Get this.

Also, you didn't include an OS. If you have one, disregard this statement. If you don't, then get one. If you are an American college student, then you can probably get a free copy of Windows 7 through your university like I did.
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