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For PPW folding the 560 Ti is king of the hill (and the more efficient a card is at folding the more it will pay off in the long run, as most of us are full time folders). :
The GTX 460 768MB proved to be a great buy in our last folding roundup. It's certainly cost-efficient, second only to the GTS 450 1GB, but it's a long way behind the GTX 560 Ti 1GB in terms of power efficiency when folding. The latter is also noticeably faster in games and very overclockable. What's more, as most GTX 560 Ti 1GBs come equipped with third party coolers, they run at similar temperatures to the GTX 460 768MB too

thanks for the link. never would have guessed that a 590 would have better PPD/W than anything else. But then again, it is 2x undervolted 580s, and undervolting frequently equals drastic power efficiency gains. Problem is I have to balance my limited funds between playing F@H and HWBot, and GPUs are pointless on HWBot without a 2600K/2500K. So I have a hard time spending anything on them.