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You don't need to OC the RAM at all.  RAM isn't really being OCed unless it is running at higher speed than the rated spec of the RAM (not the mobo).


Set the motherboard memory multiplier to x6.66 (this is often documented incorrectly) and you will get the rated DDR3-1333 operation out of this memory.  Not that in the end 1333 @ CL9 (generic DDR3-1333 spec) is going to make any significant tangible nor synthetical difference over 1066 @ CL7 (generic DDR3-1066 spec) anyway.  Just saying though, RAM multiplier settings/possibilities on AM3 boards are often documented improperly.  The majority of AM3 boards support up to x8 multiplier (x4, x5.33, x6.66, x8) despite documentation.


Whatever RAM you end up buying, if you're not looking for a performance (i.e. DDR3-1333 CL7, DDR3-1600+) kit (which usually is the greatest investment if you are overclocking since the step up in RAM binning can make a significant difference in system OC flexibility) buy the cheapest kit available, whether a DDR3-1066 CL7 or 1333 CL9 kit - they're both generic, low binned, and really make no difference in end-performance - esp. on AM3 platforms where timings more easily balance loss in speed.


By the way.... if you buy DDR3-1333, it will downclock to DDR3-1066 where DDR3-1333 is not supported.  Same goes for on DDR2, DDR even.  And SDRAM boards that can read from SPD.  The SPD (a small extra ROM on memory that contains settings values) sets the speeds and timings that can be automatically configured to.

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Hi Guys I'm just wondering, how will i overclock my RAM I'm using a "MSI A55M P35" as my mainboard, do i need to install any software, or it has something to do with the Memory spec, so called Dual Channel RAM...

please response to my post....

thanks and regards
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how can i overclock my ram ddr3 2gb kingston 1333 in my motherboard g14m - vs3 r2.0 when i config it in bios there's only 1 choices i can't overclock my ram please help me!?
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Taking a guess that this is a AMD rig. OP your ram speed max is based on your cpu. If you have say a FX 8150 like me, it can run 1866 perfectly fine. My board says anything above 1333mhz is OC but 1600 and 1866 works, for the most part. Sadly I need to rma my board. My warranty is about up too. Case in point, if the cpu memory controller supports 1866, it will run no problem. Just change the ratio for the ram and set the timings manually. However this only applies to ram of that speed. Everything else would be an OC.
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