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Poll Results: Why was your AMD FX CPU Throttling?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 25% of voters (18)
    CPU Power Saving Throttling (Bios related)
  • 29% of voters (21)
    CPU Load Throttling (Bios problem)
  • 57% of voters (41)
    CPU Temp Throttling (CPU/Mosfet / Board)
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By the way I've seen my chip (when it was 3.8Ghz) hit 68 deg C while rendering, it may have been throttling then, I wasn't monitoring. I started seeing the throttling when I put the cpu on liquid and started clocking it up. That's when I read somewhere about enabling HPC. Ever since I've enabled that I don't get the throttling. If I've gone too far it crashes. I've had very few bsod's but there have been a few. Again I know the reputation of this gigabyte board, but I love the dual bios. When I started overclocking 12 years ago with a FX55 I got bsod's all the time. That chip had very little headroom and was finicky. But I was constantly clearing the cmos, and that was the first thing that impressed me with this board (dual bios). In fact, I've never had to clear the cmos on this board.
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Well, pulled the computer apart and put back together. Rearranged some fans and set up the radiator for push/pull and had some of the fujipoly extreme tape 1mm on order. I put that on the vrm block and NB block and took some of the 2mm regular fujipoly that was on the vrms and placed it around the NB under the block. Got it up and running. I was able to hit 290Mhz fsb but couldn't get the cpu over 4.6 gigs. I tried 280, 270, 260 and points in between but couldn't keep it stable at over 4.6Ghz. I could get it to post and load into Windows @ 4.8+ but wouldn't make it through occt or prime without errors or crashing.
So I'm back at 256 right now at 4.6 with modest NB and memory over clock. I've got 32gigs of Gskill 1600 sniper series which has no problem at 850 (1700)MHz but completely locked up at 900 (1800)MHz. I had to take half of it out just to post to bios. Upped the voltage to about 1.66 or so (bios vs actual is a little different) and could get it to load up with all of it but it would crash when stressed. Such are the limits. I could probably loosen the timings but I was keeping them @ 9-9-9-24 1T for this go around. The push/pull on the radiator dropped about 10deg C off, so temps were all good under 51 even with the small data tests and about 46 on all other data set tests (occt, prime). Hell before I pushed the multiplier up when I was at 270-280 I was at +.050 on Vcore and was running in the high 30's under load. At 4.6 I'm at +.100 (1.52-1.546V). Til next time.
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