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voltage increase

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I am doing my first overclcok and need to know what increments to increase or decrease by. When you increase CPU manual voltage what are the increments you increase by? Let’s say my voltage is at 1.300 and I wanted to increase it to the next voltage upwards what would I change it to.

I am going to overclock an i7 2600K on an ASUS P8P67 Pro with 2 x 4GB ram. It has been running stable for months on factory speeds. What is the maximum voltage I should go to?
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First of all , what is your heatsink ? stock ? if yes i would advice to get an aftermarket one like the Thermalright Silver Arrow or the Cooler Master hyper 212+. (~8 degrees hotter)
then , how big the overclock will be ? 4ghz , 4.5ghz ? 4.8ghz ?

Here are some guides that may help you out:
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