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I have been using this motherboard for the last few years. I have recently increased the Memory and this went well. However the BIOS reset itself and is no longer over clocked. I have found a guide on-line and have have been unsuccessful in managing to over clock my PC again. I have also recently updated the BIOS from version F8 to F11.

I'm using an I5 750 processor that used to run comfortably at 3.80 GHZ. Can anyone suggest an easy to follow guide that covers the F11 version of the BIOS? the guides I have found so far appear to be very old and cover the older versions and one or two of the BIOS settings do not appear in them and I suspect this maybe the reason why the guides I have found so far have not worked.

I am very new to over clocking and have only done it once before when I first got this PC. If anyone could offer any assistance I would be very grateful.

I am new to the forums and apologies if I have posted this in the wrong section.