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Originally Posted by SolidSnakeUS View Post

Honestly, it looks good, but I hope the software side of things goes well because it looks like a nice ambidextrous mouse. We need more ambidextrous mice, especially for someone like me, who is left handed.

especially with such a Sensor. Will get and test it for sure.

hope it comes fast. ^^
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Originally Posted by Skylit View Post

This is more of an Avago issue than what the engineers are capable of. It isn't recommended to modify specific parameters as tracking quality and max IPS tend to suffer as repercussions.
Some of the best performing 30X0 mice have good MCU's, clean firmware, and lift off higher than most would desire. Zowie tried tackling the lift off with a custom lens, although like Logitech, tracking quality does suffer once you get into the higher CPI range.

Avago engineers have the fault xD.
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Originally Posted by Thunderbringer View Post

"you will see Recon in Q3." Which ends this month.. drum.gif Im curious about the shape after all!

Imo it looks good from what i can see, nice high sides without this "ergonomical" moulds that other mice have.

Also how did they achieve "Sensor Lift-Off-Distance fine-tuning" with the ADNS-3090?

Edit: Oh, and btw here is the official site Link
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I'm amazed there's no 400 cpi step. Whoever is working on these mice had plenty of options as to how to approach it.
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Originally Posted by Skylit View Post

I'm amazed there's no 400 cpi step. Whoever is working on these mice had plenty of options as to how to approach it.

Just wanted to say... And what about this: "and is the first optical mouse with Lift-Off-Distance adjustment." I am really curious, maybe via led (160.000 colors ).? biggrin.gif
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My guess is surface quality value or LED intensity via controller.

Don't understand the point of "Japanese" made omrons, but I guess it's a selling factor to some.
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Shape is a hybrid between intelliexplorer 1.1 and orochi
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What you think Skylit or others? Will this Mouse be technically good? And what you think about the Dimensions for average big Hands?
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HQ video. It really loooks like a 3090.


He said "Black surfaces". This will be a failure as zowie am.
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Looks tiny man. What ****. Seriously, I wished they created such a Mouse for European or american Hand Dimensions, but Coller Master is a Company from Taiwan. XD

But the Girl I'll marry one day will probably like it. XD

I would love to see a ambidextrous one with the ADNS 3090 which I can palm easily without Problems.

It's possible with a Intelli 1.1 for me if I grip it more in the Direction of the Mousebooty, but this Mouse is created for waschi wuschi Hands again and has one cm less length.. ^^

It's also very nice doable with the Razer Taipan, but those Lamers made it with the 8200 cpi Lasersensor from Avago.

The Razer Taipan Shape is still the best ambidextrous Shape I ever had in my Hands and I tested many ambidextrous as a born Mouse-Lefthander.
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