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ASUS E35M1-M -- Horrible Internal HDD speed

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Alright peoples, I'm hoping someone can either point me to a better place to find my answer, another (more specific?) forum/website perhaps, or just have some general knowledge I'm missing.

Relevant data that has not changed from setup A to setup B
1x WD Green 2tb drive (sata2)
3x 2TB Hitachi (5400RPM models, 5k3000) in software raid 5 (sata3)
1x OCZ SSD 40g as boot (sata2)
Server 2008 R2 with file services role.

Setup A
Intel Atom 330 board
Rosewill 4 Port Sata2 to PCI card

Setup B
ASUS E35M1-M (Has e-350 CPU, 6x Sata 6.0Gb ports)
2x4GB AMD DDR3 Modules

The problem:

In setup A, I was easily able to saturate gigabit network (both read/write) with either the software raid or from the WD green drive. CPU usage for the software raid 5 was mediocore, maybe 10-20%. Internal data transfers from the drives was well over 100MB/s. (Writing to the raid 5 was closer to 90MB/s, but read was well over 100MB/s.)

In setup B, data transfer to and from the raid 5 is crap. 50MB/s or so, peaking around 65MB/s on really big files. Overall CPU usuage is 50% during raid5 access using Windows File transfer, and about 20% with Teracopy. Although, using teracopy transfers seem to be capped at 30MB/s either way.

Why is this array so slow on the AMD setup? With the SataIII ports, I expected a much faster raid array. I might have to go back and buy my old Intel board simply becuase of how much faster it was. Despite all the benchmarks, Server 2008r2 is much snappier on the atom. Menu's and whatnot don't hesitate. I've forced sata2 in bios, and that had no effect on speeds.

What am I missing? Is controller that crappy on the AMD board that it can not handle it?

Update: Pulling data off the raid5 and pushing onto the WD green results in 10MB transfer @ 50% cpu usage!!! I've also reassembled the array on the new board. Same speeds.

Also, please keep the information/questions relevant. I don't care if your opinion is software raid sucks. It worked fine on the atom, and I will go back if needed. It just seems there is some toggle I am missing or some tweak.

Thanks in advance!
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From another forum:
Originally Posted by LucheLibre 
Your MB uses the Hudson A50 chipset, which doesn't natively support RAID.
Thanks for the reply. However, I'm fully aware of that. I'm using software raid. The controller doesn't know it's being used for raid. I didn't use hardware/fakeraid through my pci-to-sata adapter (Using the same software raid provided by Server 2008) on the atom board and am achieved over twice the read/write speeds.
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