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I have had my PC running for just on a year now. I never get BSOD or sudden reboots etc. It has been running ok during that time.

I do have one wierd problem with games though. It does not happen with all games but every now and again I will install a game that will crash on me as I try to play it. The common fault is that it is always the exe that causes the problem. So for example I cannot play dirt 2. When I run dirt 2 at various points in the game such as the press enter screen, at the start of a race etc the game will crash. After the crash I will get a pop up that says "dirt2 executable has stopped repsonding". It is genuine copy of the dirt2. I have had a few games do this on me. Always the error message is that the exe has stopped repsonding. I have put it down to the games or windows in the past but now I am not so sure.

My specs are

I7 2600k (at stock speed at the moment)
Asus P8P67 pro (first model with latest BIOS installed).
8 GB G Skill Ripjaw ram
GTX 580
GTS 450 (for physics)
ASUS Xonar D2X
1 TB hard drive
DVD writer
Blue ray writer
Coolermaster 800w silent gold power supply.

So far I have tried

Different BIOS
Different drivers
Taking the overclock off and resetting the bios
Running a full test on the hard drive.
Testing the memory
Reinstalling windows
Disconnecting the ASUS sound card and using onboard sound.

Earlier today I took both graphics cards out and tested them on their own.

With the 450 on its own in either PCIe slot dirt 2 runs ok.
With the 580 on its own in either PCIe slot dirt 2 crashes with the exe error message.

Would you say the 580 is faulty or could it still be a weird PC issue with the motherboard or PSU?

I am going to change the motherboard when the new chipset boards come out in a couple of months. I have never rated my ASUS P8P67 Pro motherboard.

As I have said apart from some games crashing the PC runs perfect. No BSOD, sudden reboots etc. When a game crashes it is always the same problem. It’s always an error message about the exe not repsonding regardless of which game it was that crashed.

Anybody any ideas?
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Sounds like a faulty card to me since you were able to reproduce the error like that.
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The main difference in running the 450/580 would be the card itself, and the power draw. It would be doubtful the slot is causing the issue or software based since the 450 works. If possible test another power supply in your system, or your card in another system, to see which needs to be replaced.
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