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I cannot say I won't ever buy ASUS again but I will certainly look at an alternative and purchase it if it compares next time.
My GENE-Z started under volting my CPU and I cannot game with it. Now assume for a second that I actually did all of the diag stuff and the board is actually at fault. I have burnt out many ASUS board over the years and never had a problem getting one replaced until now. I called early this month and spoke with someone who setup an RMA with me and said I would get an email with all of the instructions on what to do. I waited a week. No email, no phone call. I call in. The person states, I there was no ticket made and we had to redo the process. I said okayyyyyyyy and continued. He said it would take 48 hours. I called back 3 days later because yet again, no email or phone call. I stated I wanted to talk with a supervisor. They said they cannot connect me as their is a twister in Indiana, atm and everyone went home. I asked them to email one for me and tell them to call me back. A call never came. I call back a few days later and go through all this again. Now the phone system was offline for the last two days. Yet again, a RMA for me was not made. This goes on and on for the next week...
I am just wondering if I am in this boat alone or has anyone else ever had a bad exp with ASUS?

PM me your details and I will forward them to the RMA dept to get this resolved asap.

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Alright. After a whole month of no contact on their part and 3 hours on hold today, I was connected to a level 2 support specialist named Dwayne and he finally got the paper work rolling. Great help. Only one who seems to know what's going on there. The level 1 support were completely rude and felt the need to try and fight me or put me in my place every time I called in. Completely unacceptable. I am the customer and didn't feel like it what so ever. Am I the only one who has had this experience with their support?
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