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Well, you're right xd_1771, but I honestly think that my sister wouldn't mind the difference.

By the way I had worked on a PC with Intel Quad Core and all of the time I was using Microsoft Office and Firefox and... this thing was fast! But for the money I need to invest in such kind of PC config I don't think it is worth it. May be If you build, for example, 4-core APU/CPU + GPU + 3xHDD + powerful PSU + big ATX mobo + 8GB DDR 1600 O.C. <- then I will need the power for Microsoft Office, WinRAR, and Dirt 3 (the pc game) tongue.gif.

Otherwise I don't find the point using a high class APU/CPU without GPU and lots of storage. It is better to be simple, when building an office config - that's my personal opinion. Especially when you don't use CAD/CAM, Adobe, Maya and that kind of resource needy soft.

Thank you a lot for the support guys! You have build an awesome community here! I will order the config in the following week or so! Cheers! thumb.gif