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Hello all.

I have a bit of cash burning a hole

So... I am looking for some open back circumaural headphones.

They will be used with my Sonar Xense sound card (which has decent onboard headphone amplification)
I am currently using the included Senheiser PC-350's w/ bass-mod

I'd like something... better.

$300 maximum budget for some self restraint. I am alright with deal prices on amazon and such.

AKG 701's look like they have some nice deals on Amazon right now.

I don't need to spend $300. $150 is fine. $100 is fine.
90% music use for these. I have the PC350's for gaming (so I wont need a mic clip or anything)

I listen mostly to... everything.
Preference for acoustic, female vocal clarity, hard hitting clean bass is always good for when the mood strikes.
I don't listen to much classical or jazz (occasionally though)

Opinions please smile.gif

AKG 702's for only $250 on amazon right now.