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Hi there,

Yes this is very normal, in fact I started a thread exactly the same as this not long ago on here and found the answer to all of this. It started when just like you I bought non reference design Nvidia cards. I bought the asus Direct CUII GTX 570's. I put them in sli and the top card ran in my case about 40'C hotter than the one below, even though they had very equal loads. Heat rises, and the top card just takes in lots of that hot air that the one below exhausts. The answer? Reference design cards. Sent the cards back under RMA, and bought 2 MSI GTX570's. They both have the reference design cooler and because they take in cold air from the front and exhausts it out the back of the case there is no way for the hot air exhausted to get back into the top card. It runs a little louder than non reference design cards but they do not cause any problems what so ever.