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Got some Zalman F3s for my 620

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I have an Antec Kuhler 620. I decided to replace the single stock Antec fan for 2 Zalman F3's.

The goal was to have a quieter and cooler build, which seems to be a success!

2 Fans at 900RPM
Min: 28°C 25°C 26°C 31°C
Min Avg: 27°C
Max: 47°C 50°C 51°C 52°C
Max Avg: 47°C
Sound Level: Quieter than rest of case. Loudest thing is 4870 fan at 22%

And at 1800RPM..
Min: 25°C 26°C 27°C 29°C
Min Avg: 26°C
Max: 45°C 48°C 48°C 50°C
Max Avg: 44°C
Sound Level: Sounds like loud fans

The temps at 900RPM are about the same(1°C higher idle, 2°C lower load than stock fan) and much quieter than the stock fan. I found the stock fan had an incredibly annoying sound and I could not leave my computer on at night. Now I can =).

I highly recommend for those looking for quiet but good little fans for their AIO liquid cooling. Especially at an attractive price of $20CAD INCLUDING express shipping!
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Alright, I'm going to add to this with some additional information before everyone thinks these F3's are the best for every situation.

Pros for the F3:
  • Very cheap (half the price of the newer, quieter models, at least here in RSA)
  • Solidly built, feels weighty
  • Package comes with 4 silicon sound damnpening pins thumb.gif
  • Package comes 3-pin 5v resistor cable for undervolting thumb.gif
  • Pushes an amazing amount of air, both at 12v and at 5v applaud.gif (I didn't believe it till I compared it to 3 other fans)

Cons for the F3:
  • Sleave bearing, only recommended for vertical use (the newer F3-FDB model can work in both configurations, but is nearly twice the price)
  • At full speed (12v, 1800rpm) the fan is VERY noticable. The motor itself can be very slightly heard (my ears are now covered in bruises) but the high CFM makes it the most audiable thing in my rig (Also sitting with a loud HD 4870 @ 50% fan speed)
  • Cable is not sleeved


In conclusion I would recommend the standard F3 that the OP and I have over the newer ZM-F3 FDB or ZM-SF(Shark Fin) 120mm fans PURELY based on the price. Performance PC has the F3 at $10, FBD at $12 and the Shark Fin at $16. Go with the FDB unless you need the white colour scheme of the Shark Fins. All 3 offerings from Zalman come with silicon pins and a 5v resistor, the newer ones can work in vertical/horizontal and @ 12v they are waaaaaaaaaaay quieter than the standard F3.

I am getting an FBD and Shark fin this month, I will try do a comparison thread on all 3 models as I personally feel these fans from Zalman are underappreciated gems.

To end on topic, for a radiator I can recommend using the F3 or FDB 120mm offerings from Zalman.
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