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For Sale:
Intel Golden E8600 hits 4.8 on air, Gigabyte EP45 UD3P GSkill 2GB 1066 Ram bundle

Will Ship To: US48

I have this listed individually but I figure id offer it as a package because it would make shipping less of a hassle.

Selling this as a package:

CPU - E8600 Batch Q929B496 clocks to 4.8 on air with 1300rpm fan, temps are around mid 60's the sensors are a little whack at idle like most EXXXX series but accurate under load. I hit 4.8 with everything set on auto but the vcore. If you know what your doing you could probably hit 5.0GHz. $145

Motherboard - Gigabyte EP45 UD3P comes with everything inclduing all the manuals, stickers sata and ide cables everything but box. Has a piece of missing plastic at the end of one video card slot. It does not effect anything. $85

Ram - Gskill 1066 2GB $25

Willl sell as bundle for $235.

Prices do not include shipping but shouldnt be that much.
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