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Originally Posted by xd_1771 View Post

If it failed on you once I wouldn't get the same one again..

I would definitely agree with you, but I had 2 stipulations:

I preferred it to be modular (though I would definitely prefer one that was MORE modular than this one)

It had to be cheap. Medical bills have cut into my spending money in a big way.

They have updated their PSU design slightly since I got the first one, I can tell that just from looking at the modular connections. I had the original one for a couple of years, and I will definitely replace it again in the future with something more robust, but this one fits what I need for now.

At least it didn't fail as spectacularly as another PSU I had... That one filled my apartment at the time with so much smoke I ran to my bedroom with a fire extinguisher...
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Originally Posted by liquidzoo View Post

Update on this thread.
I initially bought an Asus M5A88-M. Put everything back, thought it was all good. Turned on the power...nothing.
I returned it yesterday (100 mile round trip), and exchanged it. I noticed when I was putting in the first motherboard that I did have an 8 pin (4+4) from my power supply, I thought I only had a 4 pin, so I picked up an Asus M5A97.
Came back home and reinstalled this new motherboard. Pushed power...again, nothing. Mad.
I thought it might have just been a grounding issue, and I happened to have another case that I bought for my desk project, so I transferred everything to the new case. Again, nothing. Found out how to test the power supply by stringing a wire between pins 15 and 16, then turning it on. I did so...dead.
Words cannot express how mad I was.
Went back to the store again this morning (again, 100 mile round trip) and bought a new power supply. I actually got the exact same one that was already in the computer (CoolMax 700W Modular). Came back home and got to work. 90 minutes later, success!
I have a feeling that it was the power supply all along, and I'm saving the old Biostar under that assumption to turn it into a new file/media server at some point.

Well. At least the guy is honest. Thanks for posting the problem.
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