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Time for a new build, making the switch to intel (56k NO)

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Hiya everyone!
Today I'm starting to plan out my next PC. I'm a motion designer, and therefore do some heavy rendering (after effects, Cinema 4D) but I also game a good amount. This build will also be my first time going under water, I'm sick of my jet engine. I want quiet and clean. I'm making the switch to intel for the higher clocks, lower heat, and hyperthreading. This build probably won't be complete until nvidia releases it's next generation of GPUs, so I'm going to hold off on picking a few items. I'm going with a nice clean black and white theme. Here's what I have planned so far:


The NZXT Switch 810 is my case of choice. It is large, clean looking, and well set up for watercooling.


The 420 rad will be housed up top; the switch has a space for hiding a rad up top there rather than having it hang out over the motherboard. Clean looking is key. I will most likely be painting the housing white to help it fit in even better. It will be in a push only setup, to save room to keep it clean looking.


The 280 rad will be for the bottom. Same deal, I will probably paint the housing white. This one will be a push/pull setup.


The 140 rad is for the back. Push only setup. Housing painted white also.

Black or silver compression fittings? I wish I could find white ones...I guess I would go with black to contrast with:


I love the look of these fans, if someone knows of a fan that looks similar but performs better, please let me know.


My PSU of choice, going with the theme. I plan to make custom length cables, but I really need to research this more as I have no idea how to go about doing this. I will be sleeving individually with black and white paracord.


The motherboard I have selected is none other than the GIGABYTE GA-Z68XP-UD4 LGA 1155 Intel Z68, which I will be pairing with a 2600k


16 GB Mushkin Blackline 2133

Still deciding on a cpu block, but the HK rev3 is looking tasty.

Hard drives will be my two 640 GB western digital blacks in raid 0, in addition to an ssd (thinking crucial m4)

Critiques up to this point would be handy!
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This is going to be great, I have always had a thing for black/white builds and from the looks of it, this will not be disapointing, subbed! thumb.gif
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Looking good to me thumb.gif
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Thanks guys! any suggestions for a white CD/DVD bezel?
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