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Hello all

I have a new issue with my build

I will be getting a second 4GB stick of ram (8GB in all) DDR3 1333 (the ram is low profile so no large heat sinks)

I recently stripped my case bare and cleaned all the dust I could find (might have shortened my life by a few years with all the dust I inhaled biggrin.gif)
and in doing so I removed my stock HSF and reapplied some thermal paste found out its the cheap stuff so Ill redo that the weekend (I might have applied too much paste)
and all 4 pins are secured correctly (triple checked that) I never noticed until I cleaned the case that my fans were blowing\sucking in the wrong direction.......

My psu is bottom placed but "upside down so to speak" it sucks air from the case I never noticed "high" temps before.
Since reapplying the thermal paste and setting the case fans in the correct suck\blow setup it should generally be (that being front 120mm fan sucking, top and exhaust fan sucking out) now my case temp at idle is 36-42 (using HWM) and my gpu is at 46-50 thinking.gif
I don't have a\c, just a fan blowing air around so room temp in summer is 26-30c (danm South African summer)
This does not seem normal to me (when gaming before I did the clean my cpu peaked at 68-70 max and my gpu 56-60 max)
so something seems off I want to get a aftermarket hsf but I have a ASUS P8H61- PRO motherboard and its rather small so im worried about a large aftermarket hsf as I hear they dont fit well with small motherboards. I'm looking at the 212 evo, so I can buy a second fan at next to nothing and the 212 evo comes with thermal paste (probably not the best on the shelf but im sure its better that the cheap stuff I used)
I looked at the V6GT but the reviews of it shorting motherboards scared me and the 212 evo is bang for buck

So I'm asking if anyone has a small board similar to mine that has a 212 evo and all their ram slots used up without issues and will my temps come down by at least more than 5c ? I only like the V6GT for its looks and flat base as the 212 evo has a direct copper base so it might have an uneven surface....

I might get an extra fan for my case so I have an exhaust for the back and then the top 2 will be blow and suck but will that make a difference ?

thanks for any help