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Guide to Setting up Wrye Bash and NMM for Skyrim

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Hey all, Hunter2121 over at the Bethsoft forums has graciously made a guide for users wanting to get into using Wrye Bash for the first time. Basically what Wrye Bash is in a nutshell is a way for you to manage many, many mods in a very simple yet very powerful interface. Note that using a tool like Wrye Bash comes in handy pretty quickly when using a guide like STEP. Especially when dealing with Install order. Here's a quote from one of my posts on the Skyrim Awesome pictures thread:
Personally I use Wrye Bash and there are a lot of advantages to using it over Mod Manager when dealing with >100 mods. If you didn't know already, once you get to 255 .esp files in your Skyrim directory (my Oblivion directory had 306), the engine cannot load any more .esp files at all and thus you'll have to pick and choose which mods to use. Now since we've been dealing with texture mods mostly since the game came out, this hasn't been a problem. Once the CK comes out though, most mods are going to be altering scripts and formID databases to where you have to use a .ESP to modify those files such as adding new items and armor. The main advantage to Wrye Bash over Nexus Mod Manager is the ability to use Bashed Patches. A bashed patch can merge mods together that are compatible with each other and end up allowing you to load even more .ESP's.

The current way I have Wrye Bash setup, I download the mod through the Nexus Mod Manager, if there is a Fomod script I run the NMM to Wrye Bash adapter to make a Wrye Bash version of the mod, and then install the mod in my Wrye Bash.
Ordered Install/Uninstall:

Bain assigns an install order to all packages (which players can easily change as desired). As with mods, later (higher order) packages trump earlier (lower order) packages.
When a package is installed, it will override files installed by lower order packages, but not files already installed by higher order packages.
Similarly when a package is uninstalled, an "annealing" process will automatically reinstall files from lower level packages that were previously obscured.

Useful Status Info:

Bain provides a lot of readily available status information. The degree of a package's synchronization with the oblivion\data directory is shown through the icon color (independent of whether the package is installed or not), any information regarding missing files, mismatched files, etc. is readily available through detail tabs. In particular the override tab will tell you which other packages are overriding the files from the current package.
OBMM also offers status info, but the info that it offers is not as thorough and readily accessible as with Bain. (E.g. the icon color for an active package in OBMM is simply blue -- even if files from that package have been subsequently overridden or removed; while in Bain that synchronization info is always shown correctly by icon color.)

Document Sweeping

Bain sweeps document type files (.txt, .rtf, etc.) into the Oblivion\Data\Docs directory. It will also rename "readme.txt" doc files during the sweep process to ensure that they have unique names and won't be overwritten by other mods.

Project Building

Bain has several features that are designed to make it very easy for modders to create mod archives. Archives can be decompressed readily into directories, which are then packages in their own right. Directory (aka "Project" packages) can then be synchronized to changes in the data directory (i.e., edit your mod in the data directory, then sync to the project directory and then archive your project directory, and you're done).

If you are interested in using Wrye Bash, read Hunter2121's guide HERE

Posted below is my own addition on how to add Nexus Mod Manager compatibility and creating Wrye Bash compatible packages from Fomod scripts (the cool wizard in NMM that allows you to choose textures at install).

If you have any questions about installing or setting up Wrye Bash, feel free to PM or ask me any questions on here. I'll be glad to answer them.

Here is my current install list to give you an idea of why I need Wrye Bash to control my install order. Warning:Install Package list (Click to show)
Bain Packages:
[xml]000 - ==Last Update 1-19-12 1AM==
001 - ==01 Landscape Retex==
++ 002 - TESV_Reduced_Texture-47.7z (00053BA8) (Installed)
++ 003 - Skyrim_HD_v1_3_LITE-607-1-3.7z (1A5FD764) (Installed)
++ 004 - Beautiful_Skyrim_HD_Clutter_and_Furniture_V0_8-120-0-8.rar (0FEDE585) (Installed)
++ 005 - Better Landscape Textures v0.6.7z (CFFC8352) (Installed)
++ 006 - Landscape_Texture_Pack_1-2-4582-1.rar (C1339AE6) (Installed)
++ 007 - Enhanced Distant Terrain_1-2-1598.7z (6890189D) (Installed)
++ 008 - Caves_Ultra_Quality-1382-0-03.zip (EB82E8FC) (Installed)
++ 009 - Snow_and_Rocks_HD_2048-1382.zip (7C8D95E7) (Installed)
++ 010 - Rocks_Ultra_Quality_4096px-1382.zip (7548A268) (Installed)
++ 011 - Snow_Ultra_Quality-1382-0-041.zip (CF3DB203) (Installed)
++ 012 - Hires_Road_Signs_Version_3-436-3-0.rar (1B2A612A) (Installed)
++ 013 - Hi-Res_Mesh_FIX_-_All_Roads-4929-7-0.zip (B2FB2DCE) (Installed)
++ 014 - Real_Ice_Azur_Glacier_Pack-5388.7z (A5454504) (Installed)
++ 015 - Re-Defined_Dungeons_WIP-3147-0-1.zip (625F5BAB) (Installed)
++ 016 - Re-Defined_Dungeons_Murals-3147-1-0.zip (64BDFDC9) (Installed)
017 - ==City and Town Retex==
++ 018 - High_-Res-_Hrothgar_02-3182-0-2.zip (A470450B) (Installed)
++ 019 - Riften_HQ_textures_1_76_2048-705-1-76.rar (68FA1103) (Installed)
++ 020 - Solitude HD Textures 2048x-419-0-92.zip (5D9C227D) (Installed)
++ 021 - Solitude Texture Pack 1.3.7z (5078E4F0) (Installed)
++ 022 - DDS+Whiterun HQ Texture Pack 1.01.7z (55377EBE) (Installed)
++ 023 - Beautifull Whiterun.7z (B9FF84AE) (Installed)
++ 024 - Alternate-Whiterun-Texture pack 1.6.7z (6817708D) (Installed)
++ 025 - HQ_College_of_Winterhold_V2-2552-V2.rar (15AE4248) (Installed)
026 - ==Environment and Sky==
++ 027 - Enhanced_Night_Skyrim_v04_High_Stars-85-0-4.zip (6F459B48) (Installed)
++ 028 - Milky_Way_-_Galaxys_8192x4096-3155-1-0.7z (A9BD699B) (Installed)
++ 029 - Sun_and_Clouds_Textures-2616-1-0.7z (6D54CEBE) (Installed)
++ 030 - Realistic Rain Ripples v1.2a.7z (A4874383) (Installed)
++ 031 - RealisticWaterTexture_High_v1_9_5-711.7z (88BDA87B) (Installed)
++ 032 - Better_Rain_8_-_Final-2992-8-0.zip (D18A5DD0) (Installed)
++ 033 - Nicer_Snowflakes_-_Realistic-296-1-0.7z (F88B224D) (Installed)
++ 034 - KerplunkWateryRocks-4349-1-0.7z (D3E869A0) (Installed)
035 - ==Trees and Flora==
++ 036 - Vurts_Skyrim_Flora_Overhaul_v107_Hi-Res_version-141-1-0-7.7z (E687CE5B) (Installed)
++ 037 - TreesHD_Skyrim_variation_High_NEW-3812.rar (F002D72D) (Installed)
++ 038 - Hybrids_Hires_Plant_and_Herb_Retexture_v4-1546.zip (5B661D3B) (Installed)
++ 039 - Lush_Grass_1-3-3288-1-3.7z (D5F111AC) (Installed)
++ 040 - Lush_Trees+Vurts Patch_1-2-3385-1-2.7z (512EA853) (Installed)
++ 041 - Thinner_Grass-141-1-0.7z (F6FFE4F9) (Installed)
++ 042 - Extreme_Performance_Leaves-6387-1.7z (C4743758) (Installed)
043 - ==02 Actor & Character Improvements==
++ 044 - XCE-1_10-2356-1-1.7z (86BF5868) (Installed)
++ 045 - Beauty_Faces_forFemales_1.3.1.7z (881AED1E) (Installed)
++ 046 - Better_Beast_Races-2_00-944-2-0.7z (1F150227) (Installed)
++ 047 - Eyebrows Match Hair - Closer Match.zip (6F27C5B2) (Installed)
++ 048 - Nude_Females_v1-4_-_Main_Download-70-1-4.7z (78693F21) (Installed)
++ 049 - Calientes_Female_Body_Mod_BBE_v0_2-2666-0-2a.7z (6ABD7EF1) (Installed)
++ 050 - Calientes_Body_Feet_and_Hands_--CBBE--_v0-2-1-2666-0-2-1.7z (3FED2EBC) (Installed)
++ 054 - Better_Females_by_Bella_Version_3-2812-3.zip (41AC4AE5) (Installed)
++ 055 - CoverWomen_Look_3-3563-2-0.7z (9F9BF1BA) (Installed)
++ 056 - Less_Make_up_Version_2-2812-2.zip (F54BE8DC) (Installed)
++ 057 - No_shine-2812-1.zip (9D4582AD) (Installed)
++ 058 - AOF_Believable_Hair_1_3_-Female_and_Male--4307-1-3.rar (BD84955C) (Installed)
++ 059 - final_younger_characters_12_full-2332-1-2.rar (3114E373) (Installed)
++ 060 - Hair_Fixed_again-4744-0-3.zip (1235A92B) (Installed)
061 - ==03 Creature Retex==
++ 062 - slofs_skyrim_horse_retex.7z (BE6311D6) (Installed)
++ 063 - Monster_Retex_Pack_1-5.7z (5C6EEF61) (Installed)
++ 064 - Bellyaches_Animal_and_Creature_Pack_1-4-BCF-.7z (00E42EC9) (Installed)
++ 065 - Dust_Pile_v2-1838.rar (FEF9CE55) (Installed)
++ 066 - Real_Bears-3293-1-0.rar (D87B787E) (Installed)
++ 067 - Deadly_Dragons_Texture_Pack_Full-3829.7z (9C659CB1) (Installed)
++ 068 - 101 Bugs HD Retextures 2.0 BAIN-ready.7z (12ED3106) (Installed)
069 - ==Armor Retex==
++ 070 - High_Resolution_Armors_-_Part_1-2009-1-0.zip (1C813516) (Installed)
++ 071 - High_Resolution_Armors_-_Part_2-2009-1-0.zip (36B8AF59) (Installed)
++ 072 - TheEyeOfTheGuard_v1_0-4120-1-0.rar (037EAEFA) (Installed)
++ 073 - A higher quality of shields.7z (6EE6ECE0) (Installed)
++ 074 - Deadly Serious Shrouded Armor.rar (77CE4B8A) (Installed)
++ 075 - -_Ebony_Redone_V2_--2544-2-0.zip (A2578078) (Installed)
++ 076 - Nightingale_Prime_Male_and_Female-1896.zip (E9F3410C) (Installed)
++ 077 - Razor_Scales_Armor_and_Cannibal_Lord-1907-1-0.zip (16D030C6) (Installed)
++ 078 - ShieldsOfYsgramor-2121.7z (62A5CBED) (Installed)
++ 079 - HighRes Glass Armor and Weapons.7z (567F0703) (Installed)
++ 080 - HD_ReflectionsForArmor-1197-1-0.rar (4681E5A6) (Installed)
++ 081 - Daedric_Reborn_v_1_1b-3006-1-1.rar (33B986D2) (Installed)
++ 082 - Better_Thieves_Guild-5926-1-0.rar (A5E94A6C) (Installed)
083 - ==04 Clothing Retex==
++ 084 - Improved_NPC_Clothing_1_8_0-2674.rar (F857467D) (Installed)
++ 085 - ImpNPCCloth_Expansion_pack_1_1-2674.rar (F9482BCF) (Installed)
++ 086 - MageandMonkOutfitsTexReplacerV1-1548-V1-0.rar (80A40AA8) (Installed)
++ 088 - AEterna_Circlets_v2_0-1994.rar (563E7193) (Installed)
++ 089 - Not Really HD Rings.7z (1C4ADFD1) (Installed)
++ 090 - Tavern_Clothes_Blue_Long-806-1-0.7z (F3E60AF5) (Installed)
++ 091 - Triss_v1_4-5135-1-4.rar (98F86B84) (Installed)
++ 092 - Triss_-_Deep_Black_v_1_3-4708-1-3.rar (938FC194) (Installed)
++ 093 - GreenBrown-4708.rar (EA477913) (Installed)
++ 094 - 41 HQ Nocturnal Robes_Nopan-1040.7z (144129A4) (Installed)
++ 095 - Zonzai_Compatible_Nocturnal_Dress_for_CBBE_v0-2-2676-0-2.7z (C5776D49) (Installed)
++ 096 - Archmage_Replacement_Mesh-2688.7z (ACD117DE) (Installed)
++ 097 - Elegant Nocturnal HQ Normal_Map-2688.rar (7EB54E0D) (Installed)
++ 098 - White_Nocturnal_Robe_v3-1040.7z (E155643B) (Installed)
099 - ==04 Weapon Retex==
++ 100 - Chopper_AXE_-_HD_v_0_3-2127-0-3.rar (61AA22CE) (Installed)
++ 101 - Weapons_of_the_Third_Era_1_3-3871-1-3.rar (63EF21D9) (Installed)
++ 102 - Skyrim_Weapon_Retex_Project-1754-0-09a.rar (99D190AC) (Installed)
++ 103 - JaySuS_Swords_V10-1002-10.zip (30A304CF) (Installed)
++ 104 - JaySuS_Swords_V10_to_V10b_Update-1002.zip (6BB9ABE2) (Installed)
++ 105 - Reversed_Dagger_2-1-2727-2-1.rar (BCDC80C1) (Installed)
++ 106 - Proper_Length_Arrows_V1_1_1-5164-1-1-1.7z (2B359412) (Installed)
107 - ==House and Furniture Retex==
++ 108 - Overlook_Tower_ESM_version-4514.rar (E057E6A2) (Installed)
++ 109 - Overlook_Tower_Summit_Addon-4514-1-0.rar (A039EA28) (Installed)
++ 110 - HQ_Towns_and_Villages_V1_2-3467-V1-2.rar (ADFD5D19) (Installed)
++ 111 - Spamheinz_HD_Farmhouse_FULL_1_6_WITH_mipmaps-994.zip (700CA069) (Installed)
++ 112 - HD-Furniture-and-Barrels-238.7z (427A88BA) (Installed)
++ 113 - Alchemy_and_enchanting_benches_retex-2043-1.rar (128F9BCD) (Installed)
++ 114 - Enchanting_Workbench_V2-2043.rar (3D592335) (Installed)
++ 115 - HD_Sacks_1.4.7z (7BD0FD40) (Installed)
++ 116 - candle_naturalbeige-2144-1.zip (AF2B0BFF) (Installed)
++ 117 - HD_BAR_RETEXTURE_IMPROVED_NORMALMAP-2632.rar (4102306A) (Installed)
++ 118 - Smudged_Glasscase-3693.7z (D9158C23) (Installed)
++ 119 - Updated_Red_and_Gold_Noble_Beds-2533.rar (B354BE72) (Installed)
120 - ==Item Retex==
++ 121 - HQ_FOOD-INGREDIENTS_1-6_CUMULATIVE_-1192-1-6.7z (DC58B157) (Installed)
++ 122 - High_Resolution_Books_-_Menu_v1_5-1628.zip (7B6C15A5) (Installed)
++ 123 - High_Resolution_Books_-_Objects_v1_5-1628.zip (DEDFBDA6) (Installed)
++ 124 - Realistic_Paper_MAIN-937-0-21.rar (8419AAA1) (Installed)
++ 125 - HD_Keys_With_Normal_Maps-2875-1.7z (70742CA4) (Installed)
++ 126 - Improved_Torches_Textures_v2-534.rar (E64A8DFB) (Installed)
++ 127 - HD_Linens-2979-1-0.zip (3C22D822) (Installed)
++ 128 - Higher-Poly_Skyrim-2054.zip (D8F0854C) (Installed)
++ 129 - Hi-res_Pelts_0_2-3102-0-2.zip (57B61A1B) (Installed)
++ 130 - Ceramic_Style_Potions-2029-3-0.rar (E92A3C49) (Installed)
++ 131 - Ceramic_Style_Poisons-2029-3-0.rar (F12CC516) (Installed)
++ 132 - Leather_Strips-2877-0-9a.7z (49D5059B) (Installed)
133 - ==05 Misc Retex==
++ 134 - HQ_Workbench_1_1_2048px-3634.rar (985ECFEE) (Installed)
++ 135 - HD_Misc_v1-3595-1-0.zip (392A4D6A) (Installed)
++ 136 - Super_Realistic_Ore_Textures-3794-1.zip (21577EB6) (Installed)
++ 137 - Skyrim - Ingot texture pack v2.7z (C7F13EFA) (Installed)
++ 138 - Septim_HD_1_point_0-3018-1-0.zip (55167A76) (Installed)
++ 139 - Not Really HD Banners.7z (3187DFDE) (Installed)
++ 140 - Not Really HD Claws - 1024 Version.7z (076EB9A1) (Installed)
++ 141 - Not Really HD Mask of Clavicus Vile - Wrecked.zip (59F16CF4) (Installed)
++ 142 - Not Really HD Stone of Barenziahv3-2878-0-9a.7z (1905920C) (Installed)
++ 143 - DeadlySpellImpacts_High_v1_5-2947-1-5.7z (2D3C510B) (Installed)
++ 144 - Realistic Smoke and Embers v1.3.7z (9A76FBDF) (Installed)
++ 145 - Intricate Spider Webs_v1_0-2532.7z (FE407C90) (Installed)
++ 146 - Smooth_Dragon_Runes-2580.7z (6F4287C1) (Installed)
++ 147 - Enhanced Blood Textures.rar (FC3C48BA) (Installed)
++ 148 - Ruins_Pot_Retexture_2048_-_Darker_with_mipmaps-3453-1-2.zip (20BFE8F9) (Installed)
++ 149 - Subliminal_Traps-2653-1.7z (7175A922) (Installed)
++ 150 - HD_High_Resolution_Map_-_4X_version-3721-1-0.zip (A02BE226) (Installed)
++ 151 - soul_gems_V2-3510-2.rar (75BF07D8) (Installed)
++ 152 - HQ_Grindstone-3506.rar (606A43D9) (Installed)
++ 153 - HD_Baskets_Fixed-2782-1-1.7z (370FDDF8) (Installed)
++ 154 - Replacement_Ivy_1024-1878-1-0.zip (BE7EBB4B) (Installed)
155 - ==06 Interface Tweaks==
++ 156 - SkyUI-2-BCF-.7z (B956B321) (Installed)
++ 157 - Immersive HUD 0.2b.7z (C3F26DB6) (Installed)
++ 158 - Container Categorization- (D9B48A61) (Installed)
++ 159 - CategorizedFavoritesMenu_v0_1_7-4862-0-1-7.zip (B3DCFFA5) (Installed)
++ 160 - Skyrim_Improved_menu-5729.7z (9AE3386A) (Installed)
++ 161 - Main_Menu_Fog_Remover-3417.7z (B74D2118) (Installed)
++ 162 - main_menu_randomizer_complete_UPDATED_VERSION-3708.rar (01D0AACD) (Installed)
++ 163 - Blurry_Screen_Blood-60.rar (8CCD8D96) (Installed)
++ 164 - Magic_Cards_Font-95-2-0.rar (60BE9741) (Installed)
++ 165 - LockpickingUI Retex-anti-leather_version-2845-1-1.rar (B00C12AA) (Installed)
++ 166 - Time_on_loading_v5-98.zip (BB548BF4) (Installed)
++ 167 - A_Quality_World_Map_-_All_Roads_v7-4929-7-0.zip (4197FA84) (Installed)
168 - ==Music and Sounds==
++ 169 - Epic_Enhanced_Skyrim_Soundtrack_v2.5.7z (09C9F118) (Installed)
++ 170 - Smooth_draw_and_Sheathe_sfx-1117-1-0.zip (438A8635) (Installed)
++ 171 - Immersive_Skyrim_Thunder_V5-1702.7z (ED016AA8) (Installed)
++ 172 - Ambient_Seagulls-1306-1.rar (8E61374F) (Installed)
++ 173 - Sounds_of_Nature_Fire_1_0-4278.rar (62A7DDEB) (Installed)
++ 174 - Sounds_of_Nature_Water_1_1-4226.rar (D135B86F) (Installed)
++ 175 - RealisticWeaponsSwings-3698-1.rar (A4D49341) (Installed)
++ 176 - Activate_Noise_Removal-210-1-0.zip (8C773CA0) (Installed)
++ 177 - Reduced_Distance_NPC_Greetings-746-1-0.zip (A5732F52) (Installed)
++ 178 - Improved_Combat_Sounds_v1_1-5289-1-1.zip (1D024A31) (Installed)
++ 179 - Catacomb_Ambience_Loop-4636.7z (B021367B) (Installed)
++ 180 - FerociousSaberCatSounds-3738-1.rar (74AAA299) (Installed)
++ 181 - TheEpicofArcher-6035.rar (296FD26F) (Installed)
182 - ==Crafting==
++ 186 - Tytanis_-_The_Ultimate_Mod_v052_ENGLISH-1601-0-52.7z (A4BB8F50) (Installed)
187 - ==07 Gameplay Tweaks==
++ 188 - Catwalk_-_Normal-5053-1-0.rar (F52F4BD6) (Installed)
++ 189 - Pickaxe_Weight_Reduction_quarter-818.zip (078FDFC3) (Installed)
++ 190 - Dragonbone_Weight_Reduction_x10-798.zip (4943E2D0) (Installed)
++ 191 - Killable_Children_-_1_01-774.zip (07E5F914) (Installed)
++ 192 - Killable_Children_-_Quest_Protected-774-1-00.zip (6956AF7B) (Installed)
++ 193 - Rich_Merchants-769.zip (E9C519B5) (Installed)
++ 194 - noFastTravel_v1-1-2075.zip (B4708A16) (Installed)
++ 195 - Grab_Moveable_Statics_-_English-3562.7z (6F49FCA9) (Installed)
++ 196 - Lockpick_Pro_v3-219-3.zip (F802B2F0) (Installed)
++ 197 - Cowardly_horses_v3-1522.7z (14EA03D8) (Installed)
++ 198 - Move_it_-_Less_Wait_Time-4020-1-01.zip (F4BECE63) (Installed)
199 - ==08 Combat Tweaks==
++ 200 - Deadly_Traps_and_Sickly_Diseases-2905-1-2.rar (519B194F) (Installed)
++ 201 - Faster_Arrows_v1_01-1009-1-01.rar (72733B28) (Installed)
++ 202 - Balanced_Magic_v1_30-2275-1-30.zip (52151ACD) (Installed)
++ 203 - MidasSkyrim_006_Vendor-3413-0-06av.zip (7CFA3401) (Installed)
++ 204 - Deadly_Dragons-3829-2-4.zip (641A9531) (Installed)
++ 205 - Realistic_Force-601-1-5.rar (27C580EC) (Installed)
++ 206 - Realistic_Running_Speed-1931-1-2-2.zip (2AD19307) (Installed)
++ 207 - Death Cam (30 Seconds).7z (44E44A40) (Installed)
++ 208 - Casting_animation_fix_UPDATED-580.rar (13F701AC) (Installed)
++ 209 - Dual Wielding Animations v1.0.zip (A2A444CD) (Installed)
++ 210 - NoAutoAim-3460-1-0.rar (66CF8F6A) (Installed)
212 - ==Unsorted==
218 - ==Last==
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Setting up NMM for Wrye Bash

Updated for patch 1.4.27 and NMM 0.15.18. NMMtoWryeBash Adapter is currently broken. So disregard the green and black boxes for now.

First thing you need to do is go to your Nexus Mod Manager and click the settings button in the top right hand corner as indicated by the two gears (see arrow in picture). Click on the Skyrim tab of the Settings window and make the following changes:

Mod Directory (red box in pic) change the path to your Bash Installers folder. Default will be something like “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Mods\Bash Installers”, if you don't know what the exact path is, use the “...” button on the side to navigate your way to it.

Install Info (blue box in pic) change the path to your Install Info folder. Default will be something like “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Mods\Install Info”, same as above if you don't know the exact path, navigate to it.


If you haven't already done this, go to where Nexus Mod Manager had been managing all of your mod packages. Default should be something like “C:\Games\Skyrim\mods”. In this folder you should see all of your mod packages, select all of them and cut+paste them into your “ C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Mods\Bash Installers” directory. Easiest way is the hit Ctrl+A, keep holding the Ctrl button and deselect the cache and downloads folders. Then hit Ctrl+X, and then Ctrl+V in the folder you want to move them to.

Shut down and restart Nexus Mod Manager. If your mod packages show up in the Mod tab, then everything went well.
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Luckily I run only a few most popular mods smile.gif
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Couple things:

1. With the latest build of NMM (0.15.13), if I don't make a folder inside of Skyrim Mods\TempData called Data with the Skyrim.esm in it, NMM will crash. It gives me an error message saying I probably pirated the game (which of course I haven't). Currently I've fixed this by copying over Skyrim.esm to the TempData\Data folder, but not sure if this is viable long term.

2. Upon downloading files from Nexus using NMM and the paths you describe, all zips are placed into the Bash Installers folder. Is this intended? This means that after running the NMMtoWrye conversion, there will be two versions of the zip in the folder and in Wrye Bash. I'm guessing one should just manually delete the original zip after the NMMtoWrye conversion? Seems obvious but you don't mention it in your post.

3. Deactivating the mod in NMM causes it to crash, at least in the latest version. No clue how to fix this.

4. 101 Bugs has been updated and no longer has a FOMOD or any sort of texture choosing, you either download the high def or low def version. I would suggest Psychosteve's Dragon Priest Masks instead, but don't give direct links, tell people what to search for on Nexus. I followed your link for 101 Bugs and it led to an outdated version which didn't work correctly.

Note: Working with a fresh install of Skyrim, with only the HD Textures from the Steam DLC and the latest version of 101 bugs.

Otherwise great tutorial, thanks a lot, been a huge help, not too much information out there currently on how to set up NMM and Wrye Bash to work together.
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Just reading through the NMMtoWrye Readme file, found this at the bottom:

" - Click "Add to BAIN"
- This tool will package the configured mod for BAIN and uninstall it from NMM"

This takes place after running the NMMtoWrye.exe, maybe people should just uncheck it in NMM instead of deactivating it? The readme makes it sound like NMMtoWrye.exe uninstalls it, which would explain why NMM crashes if it's trying to uninstall something that has already been uninstalled.
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Thank you for the comments! I'm doing the best I can to give back to the modding community.

First post (sorry for long post):

1. You are correct in the fact that any version of NMM past v0.15.3 has broken the NMMtoWryeBash adapter. I meant to update the guide this week with this new information, but you caught me before I got it revised wink.gif I saw your post on the Nexus page for the mod and I'm hoping derari updates us on what (s)he plans on going about fixing it. Your temporary solution of putting Skyrim.esm and Update.esm in the TempData/Data folder does work, however with one large caveat. The way the adapter works is by packaging up all of the files in the TempData folder into a installer package. You're simply running the Fomod script to get the files out of the original package you want and then the adapter packages those files you picked into your Wrye Bash compatible package. So you're copying a 240 MB file into every package you make (not space efficient at all).

So for the current time being, just don't use the NMMtoWryeBash adapter and only make changes to to the "Mod Directory" and "Install Info" settings in NMM. That way you can still use NMM and Wrye Bash together.

2. If you installed it as per my guide, then yes when you download from the Nexus using the "Download with Manager" the file will be downloaded to the Bash Installer folder. The adapter and my guide are setup this way to remove the steps required to move files from the NMM Mod folder to Wrye Bash's folder. As far as the extra versions go (if the adapter gets updated), you can hide Installer Packages in Wrye Bash by right clicking on the package in the Installer tab and selecting "Hide mod". And you can unhide them in similar fashion. The alternative is to either delete or move the original package to a backup archive (which I personally do).

3. There is only one reason I can think of why this is happening. First of all, when the adapter makes the BAIN compatible package, it deletes all of the files in the TempData folder after it includes it in the archive. Since the Skyrim.esm and Update.esm files are required for NMM to read the Load order correctly, it will detect those two files are no longer there when it refreshes the load order after deactivating said mod. Thus crashing NMM because it doesn't detect them.

4. Sorry about that, I wrote this guide more than a month ago and I know that it had been updated several times since. I'll change it per your recommendations and add a disclaimer subjecting people that the info may be out-of-date per the current version I'm demonstrating. But even at this length, that section will be deleted for the time being until the adapter is fixed or the NMM team decides to create an option to turn off BOSS re-ordering (which I think has been requested for people who use multiple managers).

Second post: Read #3, you answered your question and you are right.
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Cool, thanks the update, happy to know I'm not crazy and doing it wrong somehow haha. Sorry if I sounded short, was just trying to be concise.

Have another problem if you're at all familiar with Wrye Bash.

Here's my Mods window:


Installers window:


Basically I'm just installing a bunch of houses right now. Fresh install of Skyrim, Steam updated.

If I install the houses with the red boxes in the installers SS, Skyrim crashes on load and new game. They're all set up simple file structure (all of the esps and whatnot are in the zip root file) so I know that's not the problem. Out of all the houses I've downloaded on that list, it seems pretty random for these to somehow crash my game - there's nothing weird about their file structure or any pattern that I can find. There's also others not on there that I've deleted because they also crashed my game.

Any clue why it's so hit or miss?

This is my process after adding the simple zip to Skyrim Mods\Bain Installers:
-Install/Wizard in Wrye Bash
-Right click file, "Anneal"
-Hit BOSS button in taskbar
-*Rebuild Bashed Patch
-Check Mods/Conflicts
-Launch Skyrim from Wrye taskbar

*I haven't been able to build by right clicking on the Bashed Patch in the Mods menu. When I right click and hit Rebuild Patch, I get this screen with no mods in it:


Not sure if that's the reason why some houses cause me to constantly crash and some don't, or what exactly is going on.

Just started with Wrye Bash this morning and been wrestling with this all day, I'm pretty stumped. Thanks for any help. Hope you don't mind but I'll probably post a shortened version of this on the nexus forums as well in case other people have the same issue.
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I just tried uninstalling all of them except for Twilight Forest, which crashes the game if installed with the other green mods on the installers list, and it worked - no crash. So now I really have no clue - maybe its just the mix of houses that I've chosen and some of them are conflicting without Wrye complaining about it?
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Originally Posted by Nix13 View Post

I just tried uninstalling all of them except for Twilight Forest, which crashes the game if installed with the other green mods on the installers list, and it worked - no crash. So now I really have no clue - maybe its just the mix of houses that I've chosen and some of them are conflicting without Wrye complaining about it?

Your problem I believe is that Wrye Bash is still using an old version of BOSS. The standalone BOSS executable that we use for Wrye Bash at the moment does not support the new BOSS API that Wrinklyninja created last week. Lojack is writing support for the new API to be released with Wrye Bash very soon. I believe he's going to package BOSS with it from now on. Keep an eye out for Wrye Bash v296

Because it is using an old version of BOSS, it is still trying to do the old way of reordering mods in your load order by changing the "Date modified" on the .esp files. Thus, your load order isn't getting getting reordered at all. Basically if you don't reorder the mods using the new way, it'll just load all the .ESP's in alphabetical order. And thus is probably why you are getting Skyrim crashes, since many of the house mods, as you indicated in the second post, you are using are probably conflicting and are not in the right load order. At this point, I recommend you run BOSS as a standalone and reorder the plugins using NMM or the Skyrim Launcher according to the report generated.

If Wrye Bash doesn't detect any of the mods as mergeable, then there is no real way to merge them. And frankly, if you are installing a bunch of house mods there are probably similar references in the .ESP's that are preventing them from being mergeable. If you aren't merging any leveled lists either, then you don't need the Bashed patch for the time being. And having the Bashed patch that high in your load order (with BOSS being broken) is probably another reason why your Skyrim is crashing. Bashed patch is always meant to be last on the list for load order, no matter what.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

Edit: I'm sure you are aware of the load order changes. But here is a link to a post I made about a week ago about the new load order changes and how it has been affecting us modders for the past week. Bethesda clearly didn't give us enough time to prepare for this. This info will be helpful to anyone trying to understand how the new system works. Link to my post and sources
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Just wanted to say thanks a lot for the info, I haven't had time to mess with around with it anymore, but I'll download the BOSS standalone tonight or tomorrow and report back here with the results.

BTW was just looking at your Skyrim album, your screenshots look amazing, is the list of the mods you used organized the same way in your Skyrim Launcher, or is that just how you have it set up in Wrye Bash?
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