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My laptop got borken, not sure what exactly is fried but everything works except for the jlvds connector on the motherboard. I think its progressive liquid damage since it did get wet few months ago but nothing happened to it immediately before it broke down. Anyway few questions first before i dive into this..
1. If my suspicions about liquid damage are correct how do i stop it from progressing any further? should i just give the whole insides a wipe down with isopropyl alcohol?
2. Upon a visual inspection i found no obvious signs where the fault might be, if its a broken lane on the pcb i could fix that but i'd still need to know where to fix it. anybody know a good way to hunt down the guilty area?
3. If the above fails i figured i might be able to wire the outside vga connector to the screens jlvds cable, i got the pin diagram and judging by the names of the pins it looks like a slight modification from standard lvds. If so how different is lvds from vga signal wise? would i be able to make a pin for pin connection or do i need some type of conversion circuit?