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DA or G400, just a matter of preference. wink.gif
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DA or G400.

If you wanna spend alot of cash Sensei Fnatic Edition (just for the coating)

On the topic of DA Black Edition be ware, I myself never swett when I play, my grip on Black Edition is close to 0, its impossible for me to lift it lol.

Check this video out at 4:45 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxWUCyQgUTE

Thats exacly how the Black Edition is to me, ZERO grip biggrin.gif

The normal DA I got perfect grip on the sides.
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I've never used a DA but I've had my g400 for a couple weeks and absolutely love it so far
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What's the kana like? Any good?
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Originally Posted by Penguana View Post

What's the kana like? Any good?

Read. smile.gif


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I'm just curious as to how the black edition deathadder has less grip than the normal. I am currently using a CM storm sentinel, and from what I can tell, the DA black has the same kind of coating on the sides as the CM does all over, and I love it tbh. Unless it's a very similar looking but smoother rubber, but still, I could barely hold the normal DA without it feeling like I was sliding a slab of butter around my desk.

Also, why is it that very few people are recommending laser mice for gaming? I understand they have some acceleration/ jitter issues, but surely it can't be that bad to completely disregard all laser mice. On top of that, they seem to have a lot more features and somewhat better build quality (there are exceptions of course).
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If you haven't already bought one, I would recommend against the M8000X.

Great switches, macro's aren't hard to do, lights change. Adjustable weights, braided cord. High DPI

Comfort: The mouse peaks shortly after the buttons, leaving the curve at the center of the mouse with very little to rest the palm of a hand on at the base. The overall mouse is too large to rest the hand on the mouse pad, leaving an awkward situation where the hand doesn't really know where to go and is forced to stay suspended above the mouse.

Fingertip grip only, and with that you'll be holding your arm up the entire time.

The weights feel gimmicky and not well done. The large 20g weight sits at the back and makes the mouse feel off center, even if all the other weights are utilized.

My m8000x died after 2 years 2 months of use. The sensor became jittery and won't track straight. The drivers include calibration software, but it seems beyond what the software can correct. Cleaning the sensor and lens has not resolved the issue. I've tried cutting and resoldering the wire as well with no improvement.
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