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Now when I turn off pump there is no air wandering aroun inside tubes, only place I can see air is in reservoir, small air bubbles.
So the top of res is black so I can't see exactly how full the res is.
So I'm going to make a order for that syringe bottle once EK 7970 or equal block is in stock.
Question: Can I now run the system sealed and use my PC normal, as I said reservoir has air but I'm not gonna touch the filling top until I have better tools.
I don't think that air goes back to the loop now?!
Also I need to move haf 932 back to where it used to be as I was building this watercooling on another bigger table.

If there are no more big bubbles, close the loop up and enjoy. Those small ones will rise to the top eventually and disappear. Make sure to monitor for leaks and temperature spikes for the first few days. thumb.gif