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Project: Black & Blue

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*** Black & Blue HaF ***


Im mostly going to be playing bf3/hl2/rage with this build. I should of posted this a week ago but playing wow kinda a problem haha . Its amazing how much free time i have now that i have left WoW since i cancled my access biggrin.gif Ilove to goto a lan but i havent been to one in years & dont know of any decent ones in my area that have a good turnout frown.gif

The Hardware for the mod is chosen and is listed below:

1] Main board : Asus F1A75-M

2] Processor : Amd A8-3850 APU
3] Memory : CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB (4 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 1600
4] Sound : Coming Soon - Sound Blaster Recon3D ihate via anything
5] Power : Using a ENERMAX NAXN ENP550AWT 550W tmp till i get my CORSAIR Professional Series Gold AX650
6] HSF : On Its Way(Hydro Series™ H70 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler) so i can push using asus oc tuning
7] Fans: On Its Way(Blue Case Fans 120mm x6)COOLER MASTER R4-L2R-20AC-GP
8] HDD/SSD : 1xCorsair 60gb ForceGT Sata3 SSD for OS/app, Comming Soon 1xWD Black 500GB/1TB HDD for everything else
9] Media CP: Coming Soon (Multifunction card reader, etc) This will be replacing my ODD
10] Case : COOLER MASTER HAF 912 ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
11] Video: Comming Soon (RadeonHD 6670 for HybridCF)
The rest of the missing parts (ones marked comming soon) will be comming in about 2 weeks thanks to the irs screwing up the efile system that delayed my refund mad.gifmad.gifmad.gif

Case Blackout:

Time to get rid of the ugly interior finish and spray some black paint in it biggrin.gif
Here is what it looked like before

th_76711c31.jpg th_e058df5a.jpg th_101_4125.jpg

And after the paint
th_93eca882.jpg th_7a580a1c.jpg th_d11cd6a0.jpg


The pic above is best i have for now. Now the only thing on the case that wasnt painted was the top part of the case and the front bezel. The drive cages were all removed prior to painting.. i decided to leave only the one at the bottom for now....
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Parts, Parts & Moar Parts

Im going to be sleeving the cables in the case in a black & blue theme and the psu too, the sleeving is coming from mdpc-x.com.
I have ½ of the sleeving i need & rest is coming soon. I havent decided on how to do my front panel yet, kinda stuck on that one.
so im just going to leave it at that for now. i bought a temp psu, ENERMAX NAXN ENP550AWT 550W to hold me over untill i
get my ax650 (efile system that delayed my refund by 2 weeks mad.gif ) Once i get
my ax650 im going to keep the enermax and have it as a spare/testing psu...


Below is the stuff i do have on hand but im missing alot of the others described on first post as noted....
Many of you are wondering why you see a 12gb ddr3 kit? Well the ddr3 kit came free, yes FREE biggrin.gif from intel’s
retail edge training site ( I work in retail sales ). I used my points to get this kit. So I said why not and
ordered another 4gb module to total it @ 16gb of ram biggrin.gif .
Other stuff noted is a corsair forcegt 60gb sata3 ssd, amd a8-3850 apu and asus f1a75-m.


Here's what i have installed atm, gonna fire it up later tonight,,, im eating noms noms atm ....
Its messy atm cause of my temp psu im using and sleeving wont come untill i get my ax650 so its
just sitting like that atm.. for the gap thats between the lower drive cage & the upper i have
somthin special planned, and no im not telling yet lol As i get the missing parts in, ill post an update...


comments ?
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well i finaly got my refund in last week and got these in otherday


th_DSCN0510.jpg th_DSCN0507.jpg th_DSCN0505.jpg

corsair h70 core and 6 sickleflow 120mm blue led fans. the bad is that i wont be able to install a fan
right above the h70 rad cause theirs no room for a 20/25mm thickness 12cm fan as you can see in the pic.
the case is a haf 912

as to my psu issues, im going to have to stick to my enermax for now cause i got a speeding
ticket few days ago so the psu is on hold atm.. i dont know what the fine is and i have to
wait till i get the notice in mail mad.gif im still going to get the ax650 for the build and sleeve it
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