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Was wondering what you guys thought.

Currently trying to squeeze out as much overclock as I can from my E8500 before I hope over to IB.

Right now I'm running Prime 95 and I have my E8500 @ 4.0 with 1.32 v and 2 gigs of DDR2 800 mghz ram at 840~ ish

Only thing that worries me is historically I have not been able to break the 3.8 barrier with my ram at 800 mghz. Granted, at 3.8, however, I can run the processor undervolted smile.gif I know I have a sweet chip - its just I believe my ddr2 corsair 800 ram is limiting my overclock.

Was wondering if any of you guys had experience with the P5Q-Pro mobo and/or overclocking 800 mghz ram and what steps I should portentially take. I really want to push this puppy to 4.2+ if possible.