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Hi guys,

I'm building a new pc this week and I'm going with an SSD as a boot drive. My question is, on my current computer I have some files I need to save then I want to format my HDD and use it as a storage drive for games and such. What is the best way to do this? I've never ran a computer with multiple drives before. Any tips would be appreciated.
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It's really easy and there are several ways you can do this but I think this is the best one:

Build your rig. Put the SSD in only for the time being. Install Windows. Once you're in Windows and have it updated put in your second drive. Once the second drive is in boot into the BIOS and set your SSD as the first boot device. Once you get into Windows transfer all of the data you want to save onto an external from your old drive. Once you're sure you've saved everything you need, open Windows Explorer, right click on your old drive and click format. Follow the prompts.
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How to: Use old OS HDD as a data drive after installing a SSD! Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
What is this?
This how you can migrate your data from your old OS HDD into your system once you have reinstalled a new SSD or HDD.

  • If your personal data is backed up to another drive then:
    1. Open the Start Menu, type diskpart, press Enter
    2. Type list disk, press Enter
    3. Type select disk X (where X is the number your drive shows up as), press Enter
    4. Type clean, press Enter
    5. Type create partition primary, press Enter
    6. Type active, press Enter
    7. Type format quick fs=ntfs, press Enter
    8. Type assign, press Enter
    9. Type exit, press Enter

  • If you can't save your personal data to another medium you can do...

    Option 1: Okay option
    Once you have windows installed you can usually just delete all the folders on the HDD that are part of the old OS and the ones you don't need. (make sure you delete hidden files and partitions that may be on there as well)

    Option 2: Better option to me, will take longer.
    1. Shrink the old HDD OS partition. (link)
    2. Then make a new partition on the HDD in the free space. (link)
    3. Then move the personal files to the new partition, like you movies, documents, pictures, etc.
    4. Now you may have to keep shrinking and expanding the partitions as you do this depending on how much free space you have on your drive.
    5. When done moving your files delete the older OS partition.
    6. Then expand the new partition into the left over free space.

  • Next redirect your user folders to the storage HDD.

    Move user folder locations to Secondary HDD:
    1. Right click your folder (ex. My pictures)
    2. Click Properties
    3. Click the Location tab
    4. Change the destination to your other HDD (ex. D:\Pictures)
      Note 1: Recommended, I do this myself for my user folders (ex. My Documents, My pictures, Desktop, etc.)
      Note 2: If there are two of the same folder in teh User folder after the move (ie. My Documents "A" and My Documents "B") you should delete the empty one located on the C: drive. (May need to go into safe mode to delete it) Do not delete the other User folders, only duplicates that come up after the move within the User folder.
      Note 3: If the folder already exists that you are linking it to you may want to merge the folders.

      Video Tut:
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