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Well after throwing an adult sized toddler tantrum(yea im an adult baby) and smashing up my 9 computers last year, then being put in st anns (yes im not normal thanks) im finaly out of psych hospital Now i have to replace those computers cause its getting to me just the though of them not being there.

So Here is the situation I have been on the other side for a year with no access to the internet i came out just before december, and now i need to catch up on all the latest hardware.

I need at least 2 hi spec desktops, each with mobos capabile of supporting 4 tesla cards and 16Gb of ram, im not fussed about the cpu's as long as the frequency is high, and they support virtulisation. the HDD's will be 4x3TB each and the sound card in the one will be the latest Sound Blaster Xi Fi or above, they both need 900 watt or above PSU's, they will need both need big boy 6 color fans, plus stat moniters on the front on each, plus liquid cooling each, plus fan controals on the front each

I also need 4 gaming computers rated for games in 2006 with a processor that can handle a 64bit OS so i can run both 32 bit OS and 64 bit OS in a multi boot set up

I will need one G4 mac Desktop with fiber channal card for XSAN network access

And the other 3 will be sate of the art for the windows Era so they can run windows 98 as well as xp

Its a strange combination of specifications, but i use all these computers for teaching myself about Hardware desigen,

One day im going to be a Hardware Enginear for Microsoft so i need to learn as much as i can about Computer Systems Desigen since it is a required Degree course you have to do for the job, and since i have the maths skills of a 7 year old due to my having dyscalculia i cant get in to university. So im just going to teach myself how to build a processor and shove it in microsofts face lol, then they will give me a job hehe.

But i still need help along the way Im still looking for a special needs adult learning maths course, who knows maybe with the right help i can get myself an a leavel in maths.