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Hey Overclock,

I've got my Dell XPS 17 l702x since july and it's a really good laptop but lately it's been annoying me a lot. I'm haveing some kind of ghosting problems I think... I'd show you a picture but prt screen aint an option since it cant reproduce the ghosting.

When I move my mouse pointer around (especally in darker areas/sites) it has some kind of ghosting. It's more visible the faster I scroll. Like some kind of ghost/second pointer following my main pointer.

When playing World Of Warcraft, I "think" I have a similar problem. Like when my character stand still and I just let the camera rotate around the character...I begin to see double images. Like a bonfire that gets duplicated x2 or x3... I even begin to wonder if it's my eyes, imagination or if there is REALLY a problem.

Weird thing is I never noticed it before, but once I noticed it...yeah, you can guess frown.gif