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With regards to this thread...

In a nutshell, had an Asus motherboard I was running as a tech bench. Sold the bench, so decided to bread board it one day using a screw driver to jump the power pins to turn it on [as I have done many times in the past]. Saw a spark this time, and then she wouldn't boot with the Asus motherboard.

In the meantime of setting up an RMA, I purchased an EVGA Z68 SLI. New EVGA board arrives today (new, not used), and I can't get the system to boot. "FF" post code no matter what...have tried:
  • Two different PSUs
  • GPU in and out of system
  • One dimm stick, 4 dimm sticks, different single dimm stick...everything in between
  • heatsink resting on CPU with no backplate installed
  • as a breadboard (motherboard on cardboard, no [reasonable] way it could be a grounding issue
  • with and without a CPU installed

All result in code FF. EVGA customer support said bad board or bad CPU, more likely bad board based on straight to FF without any other checks in between.

Can anyone else offer advice or commentary? Should I be patrolling here and a few other forum marketplaces for 1155 processors?