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Okay so I am looking forward to when i receive me H100 and just had a few questions.
The case I am going to be installing it into will he the CoolerMaster HAF X. Currently I have a Zalman 9900A Directing Air straight to the back 140mm exhaust fan, also I have 2x 200m CoolerMaster mega flow exhaust fans in the top of the case. I would like to know the best set up for the fans.

1: rear 140mm fan and 2x megaflows exhausting like normal. the H100 with 2x 120mm fans pushing air through the radiator and into the megaflows. Would it make a difference if I had them pulling into the megaflows? Would it interfere too much? the megaflows are rated for 125CFM.

2: rear exhaust changed to an intake to aid in airflow over the VRM

I don't have enough fans and currently can't just pick up another 2 120mm fans for push pull, is it even necessary with the mega flows exhausting though?