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So here's what i've got now:

Hannspree HF225
Hannspree HF237


I need a new monitor (or 2, or 3) that fits my needs best. Since I've never been monitor shopping, I trust the fine people here on OCN to send me in the right direction. rolleyes.gif

I mostly use it for gaming (BF3, and the like), but i do some photography editing on the side as well. It'll be running with my sig rig. I'm not big into 3D, but 120hz has me interested. After owning a Galaxy S II, the amoled screen has me spoiled, so dark blacks are a must. biggrin.gif

I have roughly $400 to spend, and whatever i can get from selling these two monitors.

I've been looking at the:

Asus VW246H

Asus VS248H-P

So OCN, any recommendations?