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Well I see you have an Nvidia card. Might want to take advantage of 3D while your going with 120Hz. Some compatible TN monitors that you might want to look into listed below. I'm going to touch base on the 3D side of the coin here for you.

ViewSonic V3D245 Black 23.6" and Asus VG236H 23" I purchased an Alienware AW2310 OptX.

I started a thread 3D Monitors w/120hz Refresh Rate - Reviews & Drivers to centralize my homework in researching the monitor. Started it in March 2011. You can get familiarized with specs though and compare to newer monitors that have come out afterward. Another good place to ask the question is in the [Official] Nvidia 3d Vision + 3d Surround Club.

If you ask anyone who went 120Hz, there responses will vary but the end result is mostly unanimous that now that they've seen 120Hz they wont' be going back to a 60Hz monitor whether their experience was life changing or just 'meh'.

On side note some things you need to know before buying any 3D monitor there are two types, true 3D Vision at a hardware level (Nvidia) or 2D to 3D conversion with third party monitor software driver using (AMD HD3D).

3D Vision is being handheld on a hardware level by Nvidia and is much better than software conversion from a third party monitor driver. Updates from Nvidia keep improving games, something that the other monitor vendors don't do and AMD doesn't support in their driver updates.

2D to 3D conversion is 'ok' and can get the job done, just not on the performance quality you can actually achieve when done properly on a hardware level of true 3D.

I've been tossing the idea to give up my 3D gaming to a larger 27" monitor upgrade and also switching to AMD 7970 as long as the watching 3D blu-ray movies is still a good option.

Looked into switching to a 2D to 3D conversion monitor and run an AMD GPU. The best monitors I've found in this category are the Samsung SA950 and the Samsung A27DA 750D options. A good place to ask more questions regarding this issue can be found here at Samsung SA950 and SA750 Owners Club .

Now let's set 3D Vision aside all together for a moment and focus on just the 120Hz aspect. 120Hz gaming in general is smoother IMO. All the monitors I've listed whether 3D enabled or not are 120Hz monitors. However you need to make sure it's AMD or Nvidia compatible before purchase and which port is required to accomplish 120Hz and if the monitor is equipped properly.

I've felt a little over whelmed in my own decision currently and what I initially learned when I jumped the 60Hz to 120hz shark last year.

In the end I'm personally going to switch back to AMD with a 7970 or if Kepler GTX 680 brings more performance will stick with Nvidia. This time around I'm going to SLI or Crossfire which ever top dog GPU I pick eventually and not look back for a couple of years is my intentions.

One thing I can tell you from personal experience is 2D gaming on 120Hz looks better, feels better and regular 2D blu-ray movies are more crisp and better quality, period. I just want to do it now on a 27" monitor.

Hope this helps you a bit. biggrin.gif
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