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Hey there,
This is a map I built back in 2009 with Build editor for Duke Nukem 3D (yes, I know I'm behind the times). Thought I'd make a video of it in the latest HRP 5.1. It looks especially pretty with all of the bump mapping.

Cover music is by vkgoeswild. Pantera: Cemetary Gates

Theres a lot of artificial shading going on. All that was done by hand because D3D (obviously) has no lighting application besides making the texture/sector brighter. So that was fun. It took forever to do and getting the shading right was half of it.
The architect is short of a miracle in itself. The build engine didn't like what I was trying to do with it.

-Here's the Duke3D HRP v5.1 homepage which I used
-Map DL

To use the map and/or the HRP, you need a Atomic version of the duke3d.grp. There are also programs which allow for multiplayer in the same way Kali did (can't remember their names atm).
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