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Hello all,

Im a newby to the liquid cooling and the corsair h100 will be the fisrt cooling system I will instal on my pc.

I've read that it's better to instal the radiator at the top of the case.

But on the antec df-85 the 2x top fan screw hole are made for 140mm fan and the radiator from the h100 kit is made for 120mm fan.

But behind the antec df-85 I do have 2 120mm fan, Im willing to know if it will affect anything if I do instal on the back.

If it does affect by putting to much presure on the pomp is there a way to connect that 120mm radiator to my 2 actualy 140mm fan. Like having the 2 120mm at the bottom of the raditor that will push-in the air and the 2x 140mm at the top of the radiator that will pull-out the air. Is there an easy way witch some material to make this possible?