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I will bear that in mind with the final selection, feel up to commenting on the other questions in the OP? In particular the one regarding power consumption for the kit I have included so I know to go for the 1000w or the 1200w.
In regards to the Noctua vs Silver Arrow situation, the arrow has 4 x 8mm heat pipes, and the Noctua has 6 x 6mm heatpipes, the Noctua wins on this aspect but the only other major difference is that the arrow has 2 x 140mm fans as opposed to the Noctua having a 140mm and a 120mm fan with it. I suspect that the difference in temps is the arrows mounting capability (the increased pressure on the processor) and the extra 20mm of fan action.
Other than that there is little difference between them so now I'm unsure as to how to choose between them! lol

Regarding the PSU, the Rosewill Lightning 1300W is better then both of those PSUs you listed and its cheaper thumb.gif .