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Overclocking I5 750

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Asrock P55 deluxe3 , Intel
G.Skill Ripjaws F3-12800CL7-2GBRH, 4GB (2GBx2)
cpu I5 – 750
ssd muskin chronos
cooler Zalman Performa CNPS10X (1350 rpm)
radeon hd 5770 Msi Hawk

I have loaded bios optimized AHCI settings, put CPU clock ratio X15, memory to 6×133 = 798 ( 800 ),
VTT to 1.2, all others voltages are to auto mode, after that restarted the system and went back to bios where i adjusted bclk from 133 to 150, but then when I saved and reeboted I saw that my CPU clock is
downgraded to x9…

I have discovered that when i put to manual mode to set bclk, option thermal throttling is automatically enabled and it is not possible to disable it, the only way to do this is to load default bios settings again.
It seems that that function makes a problem.?!

so After that I have done smtg different : have loaded the optimized AHCIsettings ( thermal throtting is disabled ) and have done everything from the beggining but this time i downloaded octuner for Asrock, and tried to raise bclk from windows ( oc tuner ) , i have managed to raise it from 150 to 160, everything was stable ( real temp, Intel burn test 3x ), after that tried to raise it to 170 and computer crashed ( blue screen ),
from the second time I raised it to 165 ( everything stable ) .. 167 crashed again in first 10 seconds..
any suggestion?

ps I have also tried to downgrade bios …
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Why do you want to disable thermal throttleing?
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It seems that when its enabled ( it ibecomes enabled when i put bclk manually ) then multiplier automatically goes to x9 from x15, so I assumed that could be a problem?
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