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Dl360 G7

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Hey all,

I have recently acquired a DL360 G7 with the x5690 intel processor. I have done some overclocking to my desktops at home but am at a stump with getting this thing OC'd.

I'm only familiar with going through the BIOS and with this there doesn't seem to be the same interface for doing so on changing FSB's, multipliers and timings. There is a section in BIOS that is for advanced performance tuning however it is only options to enable/disable settings and nothing with clocking it higher.

Has anyone done one of these in the past that could provide assistance with getting it running? My goal is to improve the processor from 3.46GHz to as close to 7 as possible.

My intentions of this are as follows:

I do trading and would like to have a high frequency, low latency system that can perform to the fullest. I also bought a GPU card which fits in the PCI slot which increases the cores by 100.


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