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Memory Upgrade Help

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Looking to upgrade the RAM in my sig rig. I want a 2x4GB kit, 1.5v, 1333MHz or above. I don't know alot about memory and just need some advice on what to buy. I like my rig to look good so something with blue,black or silver heatspreader is prefered so that it matches(preferably with black pcb aswell.) Money is not a big concern as long as its reasonable. Any help and recomendations apreciated. Thanks in advance:D
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Any of the RAM kits listed in the link below that are rated for a Phenom II CPU should be just fine. If you want higher frequency RAM than 1333 MHz, (which provides almost no system performance gain), you can take a look at the 1866 MHz. 2x 4 GB. DDR3 RAM kits. Sometimes you get a better deal on faster RAM if it's over-stocked.

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Don't bother paying for heatspreaders if you're going to get a generic and thus probably less flexible 1333 CL9 kit over a 1600 CL9 kit (its' a big step up in binning because 1333 CL9 is a minimum standard and on 4GB DIMM kits often uses ICs not designed for clocks far past 1333Mhz, which is counter-productive to system OC flexibility by limiting ref clock options) that may or may not have heatspreaders.  You should consider that since 99% of the time the inner parts of your case will be unseen, it shouldn't be a huge issue even if you have a green PCB GPU to a yellow PCB motherboard or something like that.  Get the best you can for price and prioritize price-performance over looks when you can.

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DDR3 RAM doesn't require top mounted heat sinks as they do not run hot. These are eye-candy for those willing to pay extra for nothing. redface.gif
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