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590 gtx problem - VGA shutting off BSOD

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People, sorry for grammar mistakes, english not my first language.
In the last few weeks I got myself into a problem that could not solve by myself.
First of all, I was using my pc normally (build with 6 months, no problems at all, excepting for some OCZ SSD vertex 3 bsods) then it crashed. In the windows debbug, it has something related to 116 error (VGA or SB related) and TDR.

The problem repeated in the next few days until my pc was useless. Everytime I tried to play a 3d game, use windows aero or GPU testers the BSOD occured.
Nuked everything, did a clean WIN 7 ultimate 64b install and the problem persisted.
I observed that everytime a crash occurs, the LED presented in the VGA turns itself off. Safe mode is OKAY.

Did a lot of tests, new drivers, never OC, memtests and burn cpu tests = NORMAL, tried changing slots in mobo, another monitor, new vga voltages (bios), with no improvement. temps are OK.
Bought another 590 gtx and initiate RMA procedure for the old one.
When the new one arrived, guess what = the same exact problem of shutting off.
Asked the EVGA to delay my RMA for further investigation.

Drained my WC loop, and iniate the search piece by piece outside my case. Reattached the CPU, put everything again in AIR cooling, and the problems still happened for 2 days. Then went into memory slots and the system came back WORKING immediately. Tried mem by mem, and any of them do not show any problems in windows diagnostic tool or memtest. Nothing discovered but 3d games, windows aero and the GPU testers became normal. Important to remember that It worked with the old VGA and new VGA, separately.

Talking with EVGA guys, the conclusion was maybe the memories were not seat properly, and I agreed.
The system worked 24/7 without any problems until I decided, well, having two 590, why not quad sli? hehehehe

Installed the 2x 590gtx, and the PC turns on. Set the quad sli setup, everything OK. Tried to play and BOOM - BSOD again.
As soons as I try to play games or any 3d test the 1st vga turns this leds off. Sometimes the two of them turn off. changing places or slots do not change de problem.

What should I do now?
what else could be wrong? SLI BRIGDE? MEMS? MOBO? CPU? PSU? TDR windows configs?
Need help.

Thanks in advance.

PS: System specs
Rampage 3 Black Edition
I7 990x
Corsair triple channel ddr3 2000 Dominator GT
2x 590GTX sli
SSD OCZ Vertex 3 240gb
HDD Seagate barracuda 3tb
PSU Ax1200 Corsair
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My money is on the Power Supply

but thats just my 2 cents.
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Thanks for the reply iardas.

Any other ideias guys?
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