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Memory_Management BSOD after installing m4 ssd

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hello all. I recently installed a crucial m4 to my pc, flashed the firmware.. plugged it into my system and that is it.

I have not installed windows yet it is just sitting in my system

However tonight my system bsoded. I noticed fallout new vegas crashed twice tonight, and once before my system finally bsoded

I have in fact seen these bsods before but they kind of just stopped i guess. Last time i saw these was once in december, i ran my system in safe mode and did a system restore and it did the trick.

It also bsoded when i did a sfc/ scannow in command prompt.

I've tested my memory before and it came back clean, I can test it again too maybe

Now i just launched my system using last known good config and maybe that'll do the trick

I have two dump files if anyone is interested.



if anyone takes a look, i really appreciate it i'm really kicking myself here.. :/
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Hello smile.gif

Both of your DMPs are memory_management related, and don't show any useful probable driver fault / cause. After taking the quick look, I went ahead to check the driver list to recommend updating any drivers, and I have found an INFAMOUS BSOD maker, Daemon Tools (sptd.sys).
Please uninstall any CD virtualization programs such as Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120%. They use a driver, found in your driver list, sptd.sys, that is notorious for causing BSODs. Use this SPTD uninstaller when you're done: DuplexSecure - Downloads. Select delete; do not select reinstall.

Here is a virtualization program that does not use sptd.sys.

Please do the following above and report back, if the issue is not resolved do not fear, we still have much more to go through... but I can bet money this is causing your issue.

The second thing I recommend you do if #1 doesn't help, is download memtest86+ and run each stick at the same time, and then individually for no more than 3-4 passes.

If memtest comes back clean, the next thing we're going to do is enable Driver Verifier to try and hopefully give us some more info as to what's causing your crashes.
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Hello E-Peen thank you for posting man smile.gif

Shortly after I created this thread I did in fact removed Daemon tools via control panel because I recalled about you exactly mentioning about how it's notorious for bsods

I also used that uninstaller as well

But when did use last known good config my system did not bsod, compared to the time intervals on the past bsods, in theory it would have bsoded already, but i'm not holding my breath.

thanks again man, i'll start working on making a bootable flashdrive for memtest too
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No problem, good to hear you're BSOD free thus far. Keep me updated smile.gif
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Well.. its been four hours since the BSODs and since i uninstalled daemon tools and booted up using last known good config and it hasnt bsoded at all tonight.

I played a bit of BF3.. browsed the web no problem.

Its werid though, because I recall this happening a while when i first saw these BSODs..

Its as if it the problem just sits there sleeping or being dormant and all of sudden jumps out of no where and wakes up lol

Like i said.. I'm pretty puzzled over here lol

Thanks again man, it means a lot .

Edit: should I continue to boot my rig up using last known good config or what?
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No, do not do that. Telling it to boot up from last known config once is enough, unless it's asking you every time you boot up to boot from last known config, in which it shouldn't.
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Alright E-peen. Even though I didn't experience any bsods after uninstalling
Daemon tools lite and used last known good config. I ran memtest for 4 passes and no errors showed up.

I've had my rig on since 6pm east without any problems and played a handful of bf3 matches as well.

I'm still confused about this, As much as I appreciate the bsods stopping,
I still wonder if this was an isolated incident or not. When I've had this bsod before in the past they were just random incidents,
but I still wonder why.

Then again I didn't think to uninstall daemon tools until this time around.
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It was definitely Daemon tools in my opinion. Like I said, it's just an infamous W7 BSOD causer. Please keep me updated though if you do happen to BSOD again smile.gif
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