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I recently tried to change heatsinks and I have no idea what I did but previously my computer had no issue booting. Now the board boots but I get no video, audio, or usb mouse/keyboard. I get no beeps and the board appears to POST just fine. I recently removed my old GPU and had to configure the BIOS to boot to the onboard video. Also when I plug the USB mouse into the USB port the light underneath lights up for a second and then goes out, so I think its getting power. Any ideas what I screwed up? haha Thanks for the help

edit: I have tried resetting the CMOS by both using the jumpers and removing the battery for a minute or so.

edit 2: I just started unplugging stuff and aparently one of the RAM modules wasn't playing nice with my motherboard all of the sudden. I wonder what happened. Oh well, the computer is back up and running.
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