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Looking for advice on overclock: 1055T CPU, Corsair XMS3 8GB, 880GMA-E55, SSD.

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Hello everyone,
I am new to the forum so I wanted to say hello in the new members section. also this is i multi-part question, admins feel free to bump or chop the thread.
Hello! I have built dozens of computers and overclocked a few. I have a basic understanding but would like to take my overclocking skills to the next level.

I would like some advice on my current rig:

LanBoy Air Case
AMD 1055T Phenom 2.8Ghz
MSI 880GMA-E55
Corsair XMS3 2x4GB 1600
Nvidia 210 512mb PCIe
OCZ-Vertex2 60GB SSD
Hitachi 3TB 7200
Two Samsung syncmaster 2233 monitors

I am not a gamer, nor tend to be. But I want to make the ultimate workhorse. please keep this in mind. I would like to overclock this setup to the max capable on air...(for now), Its a lanboy air case, i have the fans on high, stock amd cpu heatsink/fan.
I mildly overclocked the setting with the OC Genine as well as manual to about 3.4GHZ by toying with it.
I was having issues with the onboard video display at times. I could not overclock onboard GPU past 512MB without freezing at the windows boot. this should have 1gb on-board overclockable? i would to like to use it if advisable?

1.) What is the max settings i can put this upto.... ( i somewhat understand this has to do with the quality of the processor, and keeping in mind cooling on air, im not scared to boost up and stability test.) I am somewhat new to this. i understand the basic clock and multiplier settings, but dont understand the memory settings, voltage settings and correlations between things for max overclock with stability.

2.) I intend to upgrade this soon. my thoughts:
OCZ Vertex 3 sata III 475MB READ/Write! up from 275 on the vertex2
memory upgrade: either buy two more matching xms3 1600 chips so i have 4 x 4gb at 16gb (is this good memory? can i overclock further with better memory on this board?, why do people say its harder to overclock with 4 sticks?)
I know the graphics card i have sucks(I assume, the damn oneboard was acting squirrelly ) what is a badass graphics card that is for workhorse in windows. I dont game or edit video. I want everything to instantly open when tons of windows are open! Ideally only wanna spend $50-100 used in the gpu range, unless spending more even matters in my non-gamer/video-editor way.
I plan to watercool as well, but thats another story. (maybe not antother story really)

3.) about this 880GMA-E55 Motherboard... does this support the new am3+ chips? If so will this run the fx 8 core?

4.) is there somewhere on this forum or another where I can download the bios setting file from another person online as i understand its easy to backup settings and reflash? just thinking it may be easier.
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I think you can use these settings on your cpu
4.2Ghz: 14 x 300 Mhz Vsettings CPU: 1.512V, CPU/NB: 1.35V, HT: 1.35V NB: 1.3V SB: 1.2V(i use it)
4.0Ghz: 14 x 286 Mhz Vsettings CPU: 1.45V (have use it)
3.8Ghz: 16.5(original) x 232 Mhz Vsettings CPU: 1.38 ( have use it, don't remember if it was 1.32V or 1.38V )
These settings in 100% stabel on my 1100t i think your is it too. just make sure you have enough cooling
I recommend to try 3.8GHz and run prime95 5-10 hours if it under 65°C you can go higher
hope i helped you:)
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