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Hi guys,

In about a month I'm planning to build my beast system I've always wanted:)

Basically it's going to be running an Intel 3960X and 2x GTX 590's, which will be housed in a coolermaster HAF-X.

I am planning to water cool the graphics cards and the CPU, so I was just wondering what things I need to effectively cool the system. I know you probably hate it when people ask this over and over again, but I really need some help:/

Basically I will be getting all my water cooling parts from so If you can link me to what I need on that site, that would be awesome!!

I'm going for a black tubing with silver compression fittings look:) also it would be helpful if the setup you suggest includes the least amount of slide on fittings as possible(I want to use compression fittings as much as possible)

I also need advice on a SLI bridge for the cards, and what size radiators to use(the less the better for me, I don't want tubing everywhere:))

Also, I need the system to be relatively quiet, but still have adequate cooling:) so the use of silent fans would be awesome, and I also need advice on positioning of fans (e.g push pull config and also positioning of rads

Basically I just need advice on everything I need so I don't have to stress:/

I know this is a big ask of you guys but I hope you can help me:)

Thank you so much guys:)