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Recomended mice for me?

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So i have razer abyssus and mouse1 failed after 8 months of use, the replacement's got this mushy button feel, not very clicky, so i fear for it's durability, and want to know what should i switch to after it breaks again, and i like clicky buttons, responsive, hard to press. The abyssus has the opposite. Also it jitters sometimes, but it's not game-breaking, i think..., and happens very rarely.
Have been reading stuff for a while now and decided the best thing for me would be zowie am, unfortunately i can't get it in my country, and i haven't imported anything before, so i don't know how, from where etc., if at all possible. So scratch this one.
My preferences are:
- durable switches, clicky, responsive, hard to press, i wanna feel the feedback
- high malfunction speed, cause i'm low-mid sens player 6/11 win, 450 dpi, 2.5 sens in cs 1.6, and the worst thing for a sensor is - look at sealing - die
- good tracking, like the feel and the precision of it, good LOD, i can put up with accel issues as long as they are not random so i can get used to them
- just don't want something to brake from time and use cause i don't have money to throw
- mirror shape like kinzu and similar SS mice (abyssus is also fine), hate the shape of g400 and deathadder so don't recommend it
- probably will be used on cloth pad, my top picks are qck or goliathus (cause i like cloth and they are cheap and easy to find)
- budget is not very big like i doubt i can spare for Xai, but not too sure, maybe, also what do you think about SS diablo 3 mouse and other SS mice
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im using a corsair m60 and really liking it. Whats your actual budget and where do you intend to buy from?
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I live in Bulgaria, we have mainly razer, SS and logitech stuff, not that i have checked everything thou. Budget is not set in stone as i said i just prefer to spare for something with close the price range of lets say kana, and not something like xai which is like +60%, not too sure if it's worth it.
How is the sensor on the corsair?
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