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Help with 4ghz overclock with Phenom II x6 1090T on gigabyte 990FXA-D3 mobo. - Page 2

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just spent some more time playing around with it all. there are too NB voltages in the bios. one was CPU NB VID control and then there was another one which is for the mother board NB i guess. i had the cpu vid one at 1.3v but i dont know how high to raise the other one? i had my northbridge at 2.8 but still no luck having a stable 4ghz system. atm its stable at 3.8ghz@1.45v and everything else on stock settings.

and my VRM temps are actually not getting high.
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Are you measuring that off TMPIN2 sensor?  Whether it actually measures VRM temps is debatable as both sides have been heard from; so it can be challenging to find out.


Don't ignore this; you should definitely consider proper VRM cooling (well, MOSFET cooling specifically - being the active transistor component, these are really the only ones to really worry about) with heatsinks or a small fan a top priority.  Really, you shouldn't be overclocking or overvolting otherwise; I never recommend pushing a 125W TDP AMD processor (especially the Phenom II x6 which is very intensive on the VRMs) beyond stock speed with other than stock cooling on a 4+1 phase VRM system unless the VRMs are properly cooled.  Ignoring them is unwise at this point.  With an aftermarket/tower cooling setup (your H80 counts since it is likely mounted so that air skips the motherboard) you are leaving the VRMs with no possible means of efficient cooling; that means heat stacks up on long stress tests without really in any possible way efficiently dissipating.  That can affect stability, reliability and the insurance of continued operation without loss of saved work (as protective shutdowns may ensue as VRM temperature rises and VRM amperage output capability lowers).  Heatsinks allow for better heat spread and radiation due to increases in object volume and surface area, while airflow is the best solution as heat is actually moved away.   You need direct airflow that hits the chips; even case airflow is hard to get there because the chips are so low, in case you happen to consider your case airflow fairly decent.

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well i have a antec twelve hundred v3 case which has a **** ton of fans. the side panel fan is pushing air to where the VRM is. there is alot of air flow in my case.

and yes i am going by what TMPIN2 says.
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I have a Twelve Hundred v1 which is fundamentally similar.  That side fan provides some airflow to the video card but that's really it..... airflow does not directly blow through the VRMs and deflection from the H80 should probably take away most of that airflow to the VRMs.  Your best possible bet for getting air to the VRMs would be the top fan (via pull/negative pressure) but that may still not be direct.  Easily the 8-pin CPU connector and wire might block a lot of that airflow spread.  i still recommend on direct cooling - heatsinks would actually be a good bet for this considering the case airflow. The heatsinks should add enough surface area to allow case airflow to actually be doing a good job at taking away the heat.  Again though leaving your VRMs with totally no direct cooling and pushing a 125W 6-core well into the 4Ghz's is extremely unwise..... you are making a big reliability compromise here.  The extra little amount of money you put into proper heatsink cooling may be worth the data that you don't lose because the VRMs may not overload to the point where thermal shutdowns may be needed in protection.  And again, going by TMPIN2 is still debatable at this moment.

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well im only running at 3.8ghz 1.45v. its been on for hours now with no problems. and do you know where i could get a heat sink from for the vrm? in australia.
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