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Help with Xeon upgrade

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I have an older workstation that has dual DP5060 Dempsey Xeon CPUs. LGA771 @ 3.2GHz
I am looking at some used quad cores like E5450s and X5460s that are also LGA771.

Will these be drop-in compatible with my system?
The PC is a Dell Precision 690.
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i wouldn't try, dell's a notoriously finicky if it were me i would spend the money in a little bit on a new SR-X motherboard which will be far faster than anything dell will ever build, and you will know what it has and what you can do to make it faster (overclocking).

That said if the two chips have the same chipset then it should work
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What you say is all true. A new system (or two smile.gif ) is in the works.
I was thinking of getting this one and another even older one upgraded one last level for other family members to use.
They have served me well for 5+ years with little problems that I did not create myself wink.gif

I can probably bring both systems up to quad cores, for around $100 each.
They already have gig ethernet connections, 8GB RAM (and 3GB ). SATA controllers, Fermi GPUs, DVD, CD, decent size PSUs, etc.
Just looking for some technical advice for the compatibility of the socket.
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the sokets themselves should work, they are both lga771 so all cpu's with this will work
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OK. Thanks.
Do I need to be worried about the FSB frequency at all?
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i would say that because it is a dell you can't do much about it even if you were to get some really nice triple channel ram that can run @ 9999999 (hypothetical) MHz the Dell motherboard will clock it to what the stock ram was and because it is dell bios you cant change any of that.
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so you will compute faster with the quad core, however the computer will still be a dell at heart...
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