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Questions before buying G400

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If i order off amazon can i get the no prediciton version?

How does the mouse work no drivers 400 dpi 1000hz on a puretrak talent?

Is there any reason to install the drivers?
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I think your chances of getting the newer version is very high as long as you order from Amazon and not from another seller on Amazon. Its where I got mine and others did the same.

My Talent just turned two years old so keep that in mind. The lift off distance is between two and three DVD's high. On 400 and 800CPI the perfect control speed is extremely high, I cannot get it to show any signs of negative acceleration so I think my arm is the bottleneck. Enotus claims 4.67 m/s.

No jitter on 400 or 800CPI which is impressive considering how old the pad is.

The only reason to install the drivers is to change the polling rate from the default 1000hz or if you want to mess with the CPI settings and binds.
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You have a very high chance as long as you don't like in Guam
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