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Full Tower decisions

Poll Results: Which Full Tower for water cooling?

  • 22% (4)
    Lian Li PC-V2000BplusII
  • 33% (6)
    CM Stacker 830 Black
  • 27% (5)
    Tt Armor LCS
  • 16% (3)
18 Total Votes  
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I really love my P180B but it is still a Mid Tower (although Antec will claim otherwise ) I'm still undecided as to whether I should build a totally new PC from scratch and have 2 totally awesome rigs or if I should save some money and just upgrade the hell out of this one, either way it won't be happening until mid 2007 or so.

Above all I need the computer to be completely silent, at the level of my modded P180B which is very hard to hear in a silent room, but I need the size of a full tower because I will be using a water cooling loop (custom using DD parts) and I want to know which of these towers you guys think would be best.

Lian Li PC-V2000BplusII
: If you don't know plusII means this is a PC-V2000B but it has a 120mm fan mounted on its side panel sucking air in over the video cards which is a very nice feature, my video cards will be water cooled most likely but that area of the case still tends to get warm. I like this case because it has thick 2mm aluminum panels versus the .8mm or 1mm panels other manufacturers use and Lian Li is the master of Aluminum so resonance shouldn't be too much of an issue with this case, also it is very well ventilated and looks amazing. I would use a single 120mm rad for my CPU and a dual 80mm rad above the PSU area for my video cards most likely

Cooler Master Stacker 830: I'd most likely get it in black but they are both similar besides the color. Has room for plenty of fans and is made almost entirely of mesh lol. I could easily fit 2 dual 120mm rads on that side panel and that would be amazing.

Thermaltake Armor LCS: Basically a normal Armor but with a pre-modded front panel with a dual 120mm rad in there already, comes with all the components to watercool so this case is a done deal and will be much cheaper and easier to put together than the rest, but I'm not sure if I like the Armor as much as the others simply because Tt has made some silly choices in designing it.

Which ever I choose it will be used with a DD D5 (except the LCS which has its own pump) and DD full card water blocks and a TDX, so vote for whichever you like best for silent water cooling.
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I did vote CM Stacker 830 but thought you might wanna look at this.


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I would normally go for the Armor, but TT's watercooling stuff sucks. I'd just get an normal Armor and get the WC supplies seperate. I voted for the 830, too.
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There's nothing better than the Thermaltake SHARK Black Aluminum ATX Full Tower Computer Case. I got mine for $110 after MIR two years ago.

Anyhow, this is the case I highly recommend, honey-comb side panel openings, plenty of air flow with its dual 120mm fan, intake and exhaust. Best damn case ever!.
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