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Hello everyone, I just recently upgraded my system with Intel 510 series SSD's in raid 0, 12GB Corsair Vengeance, and a Sapphire 7970. Seems like some decent upgrades, right? It has been nothing but a headache and trouble.

I installed everything, fresh windows install, drivers, windows updates, etc. Everything ran stable and checked out (memtest/prime). The 7970 was untested at this point. I figured everything was good to OC so I got to 3.8GHz and ran prime for 8 hours no errors.

At this point I gave it another fresh install of Windows after getting to what I thought was a stable OC. I am new to SSD's so I followed this guide:


First sign of trouble, windows experience gave my graphics a low score. I still had not tested the 7970 or done anything beyond install the driver from ATI (8.921.2 RC11 AMD Radeon™ HD 7900 driver) - I am wondering if I should just use the driver it came with.

I started installing programs, while BF3 was installing through origin I had a BSOD restart with error code 0x124. This happened twice and I eventually dropped the BCLK by 3 and raised vcore to 1.25 and qpi to 1.26. I haven't had an issue with this since, but I am still concerned as to why I would get errors after 8 hours of prime without any errors.

At this point I ran 3dm 11 free and got a low score (7000 something) with a warning about graphics drivers. It also shows the clock on the 7970 at 300MHz.

Any suggestions? I really don't know what to do and now it is going to sit here dead for a week until I have time to try again next weekend.
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Do you have another video card to test the system out?Do that and see if the HD7970 is at fault.
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I do have my old cards, I am going to try that now.
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Get back to us and let us know.
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Well, I can't really test the difference because 3dm 11 won't run with my gtx 260's .. I might just have to return the 7970 and get a replacement because there is something not right about it..
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