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True, sometimes I feel as if I should sell off my rig and just be content with my laptop till I finish school. I'd be saving sooooo many hours of browsing through OCN marketplace and Newegg etc. But cant help it, greed takes over.

Greed sux bro.

When I sold my Ps3 almost a year ago I wanted to buy a gaming laptop and be done with it.

The concept was that I could carry it around all the time and play games graphics better than Ps3.

I bought it and was SO happy. Than I saw that some games did not run as smoothly as I would have hoped.

So I than built a gaming rig...

This time i said there would no more spending as a 570 should be more than enough for sometime.

Than I couldnt play BF3 at ultra and bought a GTX 590

And than when i said NO MORE i sold my 60 hz monitor and got a 3D 120hz monitor

Now i am again saying NO MORE SPENDING MONEY and my wife just laughs at me.

Ohh I also set my eyes on a Asus Vulcan Headphone

Greed, you are ruining my wallet.
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I am in complete agreement. Last year I moved to Atlanta for education with my e7300, 4gb ddr2, 500gb hdd, 8800gt all in my trusty antec 900. By the time summer arrived I had spent over 1k for a new build and by the time it was winters, I had spent another 1k. All this just because there is a microcenter 3mins from where I live. Finally coming to realize greed = no good.

Anyways, I've been thinking about HD 7950 too, but for some reason, I prefer limited lifetime warranty like the ones evga provides. That way I know I'm investing in something that is worth my money. Does anyone know if AMD offers cards with limited lifetime warranty ? Or something like that ?
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