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So, I'm back using my trusty Nexus S because my newly acquired Samsung Galaxy SII (i777) had an accident.. :c A cracked screen. It seems to be internal because when I rub my finger across them the glass, it's smooth.

Anyway, how it happened, idk, a drunk friend of mine said he sat on it on the couch (soft leather couch btw) and he heard it crack. Right. I usually have my phone in my back pocket nad I wear skinny jeans. >_>

Well, he ordered me (following day) a brand new Galaxy SII online ($543ish) and it'll be here in the next day or two. But, then I got to thinking, how much would it cost to get the screen repaired on my broken one? Phone is in great condition, hate to see it go to waste. I could even sell it. X3

And don't offer "do it yourself" methods, no patience. >_<<br />
Thanks ^___________________________^
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